Woman grows attached to toilet...literally!?P

o_O; Next time your girlfriends spend an unnatural amount of time in the bathroom: Check the toilet. Or something. What the hell. :bowser:

So many ways to go with this…

A) Why did he take so long to call police? Because she could still give him oral. He had no idea anything was amiss. “Hey, this is great! She gives head and I don’t even have to take her shopping for shoes anymore.” Perfect relationship.

B) I guess women are right. Men don’t listen.

“I’M STUCK!!!”

“Huh? Wha? Oh, game’s on, I guess it can wait.”

C) This is what happens when you don’t teach evolution in school.

Thank god there’s no computer in my bathroom or there’d be a serious chance of this happening to me.

Also, DT, did you ever get my PM reply? I never remember to check the “save in my Sent folder” option, and now I’m starting to question whether I really did send it.

This just blows my mind.

I understand that if you attach something to yourself in one place without ever removing it, skin can grow around it, but, what the fuck? Did she have a stroke or some sort of mental handicap? Did she have some sort of religious revelation whilst on the toilet and decided right then and there to atone for her sins by meditation? Did she accidentally glue herself there and was too embarrassed to say anything about it? My imagination reels in the endless possible backstories to this. o_o

-“Yes Tom, Sheila’s in the bathroom. Still.”

-“No prob dude, just get me a beer.”

I’m beginning to think that maybe the world is missing many screws.

Excusse my french but how the fuck do you stay on the toilet for two years? O_o

I have difficulty believing its true.

Originally Posted by Sinistral
I have difficulty believing its true.

I agree. This story is a lie.

Also… Help! I’ve sat down and I can’t get up!

I read a German article about it… It said after the woman had been in the bathroom for quite a while, she suddenly thought of it as the safest place to be and stayed there. Apparently it is linked to some childhood abuse issue she has that was triggered when she went to the bathroom and… well, refused to go out. o_O; Normally I’d say it’s fake, but hey, the world is not getting any less screwed up, so things like these become more and more likely, as scary as it is. People are fucked up. one might as well get used to it :o
Kero: oops. Yes I got it, I just forgot to reply. xD; Sorry!

As odd as it seems, it seems the story is factual. I’ve checked it out on a few news sites, most of which wouldn’t post anything without verifying with hospitals and police first.

Weird. Very weird.

More details:

That can’t be good for her colon.

You can catch up on a lot of reading on the shitcan. I should give this a try.


You’re a ball with hands. Tough luck.


So for how long has she actually been sitting there? Police said a month, guy said “coulda been two years” :o Well either way it was enough to permanently fuck up her legs. I wonder what the hell went on in her head.

For her legs to atrophy, we’re looking at a few weeks. I don’t see how she could’ve survived infections from having sores on her legs from sitting on the can. Its weird.