Woman Dead in Sox Celebration

Would post a link but I couldn’t find one that didn’t require registration. Heard about it on the radio. Thoughts?

Wow… I hate it when people get so hyped up about sports like that. I can barely stand watching them. Do you know how she died?


I can see why people celebrate but seriously…it shouldn’t get so out of hand that police are necessary.

I swear, I didn’t read that as “sox” until after I clicked the thread >_>

I was in New England for 4 years of my life.

All the fires, the celebration, deaths during celebration, none of that surprises me.

They are crazy up there when it comes to the Red Sox…seriously, I thought it would have been worse…but then again, theres the world series to win…if that happens, I think there will be a doomsday.

That sucks, why do people get so obsessed over sports.

its a good thing they hit her with a non lethal weapon

Because The Red Sox haven’t won a world series In almost 90 years. If they win the series, the world’s done for(or at least the eastern US)

The last time we were in the World Series was 1986; the last time we won was 1918. Any cause for celebration is cause for riots as far as the Red Sox go.

I’d much rather you lose and not have anyone die over such a stupid reason. : \

imagine the conversations she must have while in hell…“so how’d you get here” “oh well the red sox won a game so we partied and i got killed with a non lethal weapon” “tough break”

Hey, they burned down LA when the lakers won, this is pretty minor

“WE”? What position do you play on the team, Cala?

We all know that the city of Boston - and the state of Massachusetts - is just an extension of the team.

First the poor tea, now this. Silly Bostonians.

Anyway, a few of you might know that I have absolutely no idea why people value or get excited over sports. Regardless of that, I think people would find a different focus for the same type of behavior if they didn’t have sports. It’s mass insanity.

Mass insanity indeed. It’s no wonder that people sometimes get trampled by rabid fans in rock concerts and the like.

Sports kills, albeit indirectly.

Don’t forget the Boston Massacre, which was shortly preceded by a mobbing. They need anger management or something. >.>