Woman beats armed snake to death


Don’t really know what to make of it. A vestigial limb that somehow developed? A fully functional mutation? Lizard people evolving?

Read about this in Pravda.

Despite humans hunting dragons to extinction, nature works to create a similiar species.

Well so much for that evolutionary offshoot.

Next time I suggest putting your Evo Points towards something that’ll help you survive against Chinese women (to be fair though aside for the mermaid form humans are at the top of the ladder).

+1 for reference to EVO

The title of this thread lead me to believe it would involve snakes with guns. I am disappointed.

That’s still pretty interesting though.

I was expecting this thread to be a different kind of penis surgery, but I didn’t want to say it.

Must be the truth then.

And a pox to that bee family.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. That, or MGS Snake. But to say that he was packing heat would be redundant.

Alas, agreed.