Woman attacked by Hippo in South Africaa

Botsuana, South Africa - Diana Tilden-Davis was in the compettion for the title of Miss World 1991 and got the second place. These last few days she having touristical sightseeing in Okovango Swamp. She was on a small rowboat when she was attacked by a hippopotamus and bitten on a leg.

Diana was taken to the Milpark Hospital in Johanesburgo by helicopter. She is currently (12/24, at 10h42 GMT ) in a stable condition, though there is no info about the extent of the wound.

Hippos are VERY dangerous. They can weight up to 3.5 metric tons and are fierce temperamental territorialists. Plus, they have really big mouths with really big teeth. Staying between the water and a hippo is already unafe enough, but being near hippos in a small boat is suicide. Diana is lucky to be alive.

Source: BBC

-Ren, reporter wannabe, wouldn’t go to a place that’s full of hippos without at least a couple of big pachiderm-hunting rifles for protection.


eats the hippo

In South Africa, you no eat hippo, hippo eat you!

Its not that uncommon to be attacked by a hippo. They’re very territorial.

Actually, I recall hearing somewhere (it may have been QI :get it?: ) that hippos are responsible for more fatalities per year in Africa than any other animal, provided you discount all those nasty malaria-carrying parasite things.

I wonder who would win a fight:

A hippo or an elephant :hahaha;

A hippo, by some way. It’s jaws are simply lethal. Get the elephant bladdered enough, though, and it could put up a good fight… :get it?:

Hippo. It would so rock an elephant.

Where’s that realultimatepower site about hippos?

Go to http://www.realutlimatepower.net , go to [Other], and go to “Alternate Ending”.

I’ve been using that saying a lot lately…

Eat the hippo before it eats you.

eats the hippo

Hippos are so dumb that they’re dangerous. And they’re really boring to watch.

I dunno, they can be pretty fascinating to watch when they’re underwater, they’re pretty graceful animals like that, kinda like penguins.

May the Gods damn SK for making everyone so obsessed with hippos. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently read in the paper that a bride was bitten in half by one on her honeymoon >.> What a way to go, eh?

I sentence that hippo, to death by injesting!

You know, I hate to admit it, but, you know, we never heard about South Africans being eaten by hippos during the Apartheid days…


I think that they should have something similar to Spain’s Running of the Bulls.

imagines Running of the Hippos::dekar!::