I got no better word for this, I thought it was just some little comic thing at first, but as I kept looking (It’s silent, no text) it proved to be deeper than I expected.

Warning: Some blood present.

And without further ado

That reminded me of Ico in it’s understatement.

EDIT: I think I get it now, after going through them all again. That’s pretty damned good.

Just my kind of comic too!

Wow, need I say more?


So many levels and meanings, but yeah…

Wow seems to sum it up.

Woah aobut sums it up, I really liked it.

It was interesting, though I don’t think I really “got” it. ^^;

… Holy shit. And THAT’S my reaction halfway through!

Seconded, um anyone mind explaining the deep meanings?

I’m guessing the meaning is “We can be even MORE insane than Arfenhouse and The Demented Cartoon Movie combined!”

Very good, Yar. Have a cookie.

It actually reminded me quite a bit of haibane renmei at first.
then it just got wierd.

Uh … what’s Haibane Renmei?

that reminded me of that sissor-groin site. quite good, i think i kinda got one of the deeper meanings.

Its good, but i wonder why he didnt animate it? Those seem to be a bunch of keyframes.

“Give me liberty or give me death.”
-Patrick Henry

Charcoal Feathers Federation. It’s an anime. it’s one of those ‘deep’ series.

He ‘deeper meaning’ I got was that they preferred death over oppression. Just as someone quoted Patrick Henry earlier.

Really surprised me when he drove the scissors into his leg

Me, I could NOT tell whether that was a dude or a chick. He/she’s worse than Tiger (from The Matrix Reloaded – that guy who Neo smashes in the face at the end of the Chateau fight). Oh, well, at least it wasn’t like Bridget (from Guilty Gear X2, the little nun with the blue habit, and who is actually a GUY).

I saw it and I have to say I’m very impressed by it.

There are times i jsut want to do posts like that