WM: The Origin

(Special Thanks to CHRIS-CHRIS for having let me use her in this story-WM)

The inside of the Headquarters of the Righteous Protectors of Good Causes (RPGC) located somewhere in North America:

The building looked more like a luxury hotel than the headquarters of a band of adventurers, Wilfredo thought, especially since Merlin’s latest redecorations. He missed the old wallpaper, for example. Still, appearances were not really important; functions are, and the place still felt like a second home to him and the others.

It had been a while since he’d last visited. And he was, to be honest, quite bored. Maybe that was why he felt so uneasy. It had been a while since he got into any adventures. Not that adventures fall from the sky- sometimes a really long time passed by without anything exciting happening- he knew it well. Still, for someone like him, mundane life was still pretty hard to tolerate. He was hoping he could find something interesting to do here.

Looking somewhat like a dark-haired Lee Majors, Wil strode around the building, hoping to run into someone who had a more interesting day than he did. He was a bit surprised as to whom he ran into, however:
-“Chris- Chris!” he said, when he saw the dragon-girl sitting alone in one of the lunch tables.
-“Wil! Nice to see you!!” the effusive girl said with her usual glee.
-“Nice to see you too, girl. But, what are you doing here alone?’
-“Not much. Just… thinking.”
-“Don’t tell me you’re still down because of the way the others have been treating you?’
-“Well… yeah, I guess…”
-“I told you not to mind them. They’re like that to all newbies. Not too mature of them, either.”
-“Did you have to go thru that too, Wil?”
-“You bet I did.”
-“That’s kind of hard to imagine.”
-”? Really? Why is that?”
-“Well, you are very well respected here, because of your wisdom.”
Wilfredo suddenly burst into laughter, taking CC by surprise.
-“CC- you know what “wisdom” really means?”
-“Err, no.”
-“It means: “having commited all the mistakes that the youngsters haven’t yet commited.”
-“Really? So, you’ve committed a lot of mistakes, too?”
-“Hah! I could write a book about it!”
-“You know, I don’t think anyone ever has told me about you. About how you got to be, well, who you are today, I mean.”
-“Bah, it’s a long, boring story…”
-“I would like to hear it! Please?”
WM hesitated for a moment. He hadn’t come to RPGC HQ to recount his memories… but then again, why not? He had nothing better to do at the moment… and, it might actually do CC some good.”
-"…Alright, I’ll tell you. But, no complaints if you find it too long and boring!"
-" I promise, Sir!"
WM sat down next to the young girl, and took a deep breath…


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CC: Thank you. As for how well I got you, well, it’s too early to tell, no? We’ll see.

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Chapter II

At first, it appeared like Wil was going to just launch into a long speech; but, he hesitated, and seemed to be worried about what he was going to say…
-“Mr. Martinez?” CC asked timidly.
-“Huh?’ Oh, sorry, CC! Didn’t mean to space out. It’s just that… well, there are a lot of memories to remember. I… haven’t thought about my childhood much, in a long time…”
-“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring back bad memories.”
-“Bad? No, no! Quite the opposite, my childhood was a very happy one, CC. I’m just sad that it’s been so long since I thought about it, it’s all.”
-“Anyway, as you probably know already, I was born in Puerto Rico.”
-“Where’s that?”
-“You don’t know? Oh right, you’re not from Earth! Sorry. Anyway, it’s a tropical island, in the middle of the Atlantic. Uh, you know about the Atlantic Ocean, right?”
-“Oh, yeah, I do! So, you were born in a tropical island? It must be a pretty place!”
-“It is. In addition, Puerto Rico belongs to the United States, so we have a good standard of living. Indeed, my early life was a good one. And yet, I wasn’t completely satisfied… I felt like… well, like something was missing. I suspect you know what I mean.”
-“Adventure, my dear! People like you and I, are born with a thirst for adventure. Somehow, we know were meant for greater things, than just normal life. Correct?”

  • “Yeah, I guess.”
    -“My life began to change when I was in high school. On the way home from school, there was this weird place, an old building that had a reputation for being haunted. One time, I was walking home, when I heard strange noises coming from inside of it. Now, anybody in his right mind, would’ve just walked away, but, like I said, I- felt- that I had to investigate this.”
    “I entered the old building, and at first, I saw exactly what you’d expect to see in an abandoned building: darkness, cobwebs, broken walls… after a few minutes, I had almost given up looking, when I heard the noises again; they were coming from the basement! I walked down the stairs- and guess what I saw?”
    -“A ghost??”
    -“Hah! Good guess, but no. I saw- two men, dressed like plumbers, jumping around the huge pipes in the basement!”
    -“Yeah, that was my reaction, at first!” Wil said, laughing. “I mean, other than the fact that they were jumping far better than such obese middle-aged men should be able to, there was nothing extraordinary going on. Looked quite stupid, to be honest. At least at FIRST…”
    “Then, I noticed what they were doing: they were STOMPING on things, that were coming in THRU the pipes!”
    " At first, they were stomping on bugs; HUGE bugs, but at least, they looked like things from THIS world! But, as I watched, baffled, in the partial darkness, I saw OTHER things crawl out: masses of fire, chunks of ice… moving on their own! Things that obviously did not originate on Earth!"
    " I was… awed. I couldn’t believe it! These things- they came from another world! They HAD to! And these men- they were fighting them! With abilities no normal man could possess! Who were they? Where did they come from? Why were they here?"
    “Before I could even tell them that I was here, the portly men had finished their stomping the things into the ground, and suddenly jumped into a huge green pipe- and vanished!”
    " I must have been REALLY crazy- but I HAD to find out more about them! So… I jumped in, after them!"

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Suddenly, CC spoke out, interrupting Wil:
“HEY! I know who you’re talking about! It was SUPER MARIO, right???”
“Oh, you know about him?”
“Of course!! Even in my home world, we have heard the tales of the Hero of the Mushroom World!! You met him??”
“Indeed I did. My first adventures were in the Mushroom World.”
“Oh! What a great honor!”
Again, Wil couldn’t help but giggle a little.
“…Did I say something funny?”
“Oh, no no, CC! It’s just that- well, around these parts, Mario doesn’t get much respect.”
“Eh? Why not?”
“Well, the other members of RPGC are used to fighting monsters far, far worse than the ones in Mushroom World. They don’t think that Mario has had it that hard. They’re wrong, of course; Maybe to them -and to me now, as well- the menaces he fights are easy, But to normal humans, they’re still deadly. Trust me, when I first came to the Mushroom World, I was almost killed by its monsters several times! Mario doesn’t have access to the weapons or spells we do; still, he never ceases to fight to protect his people. From him I learned that, it’s not the size of the menace you fight, but your willingness to fight it, that makes you a hero.”
“I agree with you. Now tell me about Mario!!”
“He he, OK. Well, as I told you, I followed the two strange plumbers out of curiosity into the huge pipe. When I finally came out of the dark tube, I found myself in a strange land covered with mushrooms the size of beach umbrellas! It was then that Mario and Luigi noticed me…”

And as WM told the story, the past began to flash before his eyes…

“M-M-MARIO!! Some kid followed us!!”
“Mamma mia! We shoulda been more careful!!”
“What’s going on here?” the young Wil asked. “Where is this place? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???”
“Now now, don’t be scared, we can explain” Mario said, trying to calm down the strange kid.
“I’m NOT scared!” he stubbornly insisted. " I want to know what’s going on!"
“Listen, Kid” Luigi interrupted, “I-I’ts’a better if you g-go back home now. T-there’s monsters here!!”
“Look, whoever you are, if there are going to be monsters slipping into my neighborhood, I think I have a right to know about it!”
“…I guess he has a Point” Mario conceded. “Besides, this kid’s got spunk! I like him!”
“Mario! You’re not thinking of taking this kid with us, are you??”
" Don’t be such a worrywart, Luigi!" Then, to Wil: “Sorry, Kid, didn’t mean to be, well, mean! My name’s Mario, what’s yours?”
“…I don’t know if I should tell you.”
“Ha ha ha! Smart kid! Well, I guess we shoulda explain things first, eh? Ok, this is what it’s going on. We are in the Mushroom World, which is- well- another world.”
“…You mean… in another DIMENSION?”
“Oh, you know about such stuff!” Mario said, surprised.
“I read a lot” the young Wil said. “But… I never expected such things to be real!”
“Well, it’s v-very real, trust me!!” Luigi interjected.
“My brother, Luigi, and I, we worked as plumbers in Brooklyn. One day, we noticed these weird things coming out of some large, long-unused pipes. So, we decided to find out where they were coming from”
“You mean, YOU decided to find out, and dragged poor little me along!!” Luigi protested.
“Oh, shut up, you’ve enjoyed your time here too!” Mario retorted. “Anyway, we found this world at the other end of the pipes-”
“Why?” Wil interrupted, “I mean, how do these pipes work?”
Mario was thoughtful for a moment. “…You know, we aren’t sure. I think one sage-type guy explained it to us once, but I didn’t understand him well, to be honest. Somethin’ about dimensional portals…”
“Holes in time/space?” Wil asked.
“Yeah! Something like that!” Mario stated. “Whoa, you read about that too?”
“Yeah…in SCIENCE FICTION books!”
“Hey, can you explain it to us??” Luigi asked.
“What do you think I am, a rocket scientist? All I know is, sometimes, reality breaks, forming holes called portals that allow people and things to slip from one world to another… or at least, that’s what it said in one Star Trek novel I read once.”
“Hmm… and why would that happen in a pipe?” Mario asked.
“Well, the book said, portals need something to act as a frame, so any hole, such as a doorway, can do.”
“Anyway” Mario continued explaining, “Luigi and I found this wonderful world-”
“Which is full of m-m-monsters!!” Luigi stammered.
“-AND nice little people who needed help to deal with them” Mario continued, annoyed at Luigi. “Mamma mia! There’s even beautiful princesses to rescue here!”
“…Really?” Wil asked.
“A-ha!” Mario said, smiling, “you got it too, don’t you?”
“Got WHAT?” Wil asked, suspiciously.
“THE ADVENTURER’S SPIRIT!!” Mario said triumphantly. “Like me an’ Luigi!! Not many kids woulda followed two strangers into a pipe full of monsters, now would they?”
Wil stopped to think about it.
“Admit it, kid! You feel it too, don’t you? The call to adventure! The desire to see new worlds, to take risks, to not live a boring life!!”
“…Well… maybe…”
Throwing an arm around Wil, Mario continued preaching: “Come with us, kid!! We’ll show you the wonders of the universe, and more importantly, how to survive them!!”
“And i-if you find them t-too scary, we’ll show you how to r-run away from them, too” Luigi added, pissing Mario off even more.
Wil hesiated for several long seconds… but in the end, his curiosity won over.
“Okay… I’ll go along. But, I see anything TOO dangerous, and I’m outta here.”
“That’sa the spirit!!” Mario said proudly, then guided the kid -and the reluctant Luigi- deeper into the forest of giant mushrooms…

(To be continued.)

I’m also a bit unused to the hyphens you’re using, but other than that, this looking excellent, Wil. :slight_smile:

For some reason, I am reminded of the Captain SNES comics where Magus learns to survive in Mario’s world.

:slight_smile: I’m enjoying this one Wil. Btw, I loved your xmas fic ^^

(OOC: Thanks, guys! And, Magus visited the Mushroom World? THE Magus from Chrono Trigger?? Darn, I wish I’d seen THAT comic! Anyway, on with the story: )

Chapter III

…The sound of CC’s voice brought Wil out of his reverie:

“Did you meet more of Mario’s friends?” she asked, even more excited.
" Yep" he added, with some pride. “Toad, Princess Peach, Yoshi… and his enemies, like King Bowser and the Hammer Brothers- thought THEY I had to FIGHT against!.”
“Oh! How exciting!”
“Indeed it was! I kept going back, secretly, thru the same pipe, every time I got the chance. I never told my family about it. I must admit, I had a LOT of fun in Mushroom World… but, more importantly, I learned all the basics of adventuring, you know, like what equipment to buy, how to avoid deathtraps, strategies for beating powerful enemies, all that stuff!”
“Sounds like it was a very happy time in your life!”
“Yes, it was… I felt, for the FIRST time in my life, content with my lot in life! I felt that, as Mario guessed, this was the life I was born for! But, nothing lasts forever…” he said, his tone suddenly changing.
“Did something bad happen?” she asked, starting to worry.
“Well, not really. At least, not in Mushroom World. But I made a choice that would affect me for the rest of my life…”
Wil’s gaze seemed to be going back in time again. “It was during the time Mushroom World was invided by the Smithy Gang, and army of Living Weapons from another dimension! Believe me, those were tougher than the usual foe Mario fought- in fact, he ended up recruiting help from several people -Even Bowser!!- to defeat them. Mine, too, of course” he added, with a grin. “During our expedition, I found this cristal- actually, I bought it from a little mole-girl- which I later found out, was the the key to open a sealed door in a town called Monstro Town. I opened it, expecting to find a monster inside… and I did, sort of.”
“His name was Culex, and despite his demonic appearence, he was actually quite honorable. He was summoned by soneone -Smithy, I suppose- from another dimension, to help him, but it turned out he couldn’t exist in the environment of the Mushroom World. So, he decided to return to his world… but not before he challenged the champions of this world to a duel. Mario accepted.”
“THAT was one of the first, REALLY though battles I ever particated on! Culex even had copies of the Crystals of the Four Elements to help him!!”
CC gasped. She had heard of those powerful artifacts!!
“Still, despite everything, we managed to beat him. Then, to our amazement, he congratulated us, and THANKED us for the exciting battle!’
“Before he left, I spoke to him- I HAD to make the question: Which world did he come from? I just HAD to know!”
“The Gaia Worlds” he told me. " He noticed my excitement over it… I must confess, I was VERY impressed by the magic Culex used against us. It was unlike ANYTHING I’d ever seen in Mario’s World! And magic, as you know by now, has always fascinated me. He told me a little of these ‘Sister Worlds’ and their universe… and then, apparently noticing my interest, and, as a reward for our battle, he gave me a small crystal, and told me that, if I ever wanted to visit those worlds, all I had to do… was use it.”

(NEXT: Wil finds out, the HARD way, that some Fantasies are… Final.)

Ah, the innocence, and, no offense, the stupidity of youth… this should be fun.

BTW, the comics are archived. The Captain SNES comics are at this link… keep in mind the Magus/Mario story is part of a grand scheme of things.


(OOC: PC- you’re getting the point of my story -or at least the current arc- very well. Oh, and thanks for the link!!)

Chapter IV:

“The Gaia Worlds!” CC gasped. “You have been there, too??” Wil nodded.
“Oh, wow! I so wish to visit them as well!”
“Whoa, Nellie!” Wil burst out. “Before you decide to do that, listen to my story, OK?”
“Ok” she agreed. Wil then continued.
“I did indeed use the crystal- AFTER I finished helping Mario deal with the Smithy crisis, of course! Not immediately, thought. I actually thought about it for a while. I mean, judging from our battle with Culex, things where he came from where thougher than they where in Mushroom World… but there were also likely to be wonders there that I couldn’t even imagine.”
“Finally, I decided there was only ONE way to decide: by seeing those worlds with my own eyes. After all, I could always bolt out if things got TOO bad, I thought…”
“Yeah!” CC agreed, with youthful enthusiasm. “So, which Gaia World did you visit first??”
“…Number 7” Wil said, with a curious reluctance.
“GAIA SEVEN!!” CC almost exploded in awe. “You mean, where that thing with Sephiroth happened??”
“The Jenova Crisis” Wil cleared for her. “Indeed. As I matter of fact, I landed right in the middle of it.”
“OH MY GOD!!” CC was almost jumping out of her chair now. “Does that mean- did you meet- AERIS???”
Wil nodded, his mood a stark contrast to CC’s. “By the Great Mother Dragon! Wil, you were SO lucky!! I always wanted to meet her!”
“CC” Wil interjected, “Do YOU know what happened in Gaia 7?”
"…Well, not exactly’ CC admitted, calming down a little. “But, the stories of Aeris, the Gentle Healer, who died to save her world, are told EVERYWHERE!”
“True… but, most people simply don’t KNOW what exactly happened to her, or what her world was like…”
“Was it… bad?” CC said, beginning to realize Wil’s mood.
“CC… so many bad things happened in Gaia 7… and yet, I won’t deny it, I learned much, and I made friends there, too… I owe much of what I am today to it. But, it was not just a fun and games, you understand?”
CC silently nodded. But, it was clear from her expression, she still wanted to hear the story.
So, once again, WM took a deep breath, and proceeded to continue the story…

(To be continued.)