With all of Squeenix's FF Whoring going on....

All I can think is “poor Cidolfas. He and his FFC crew have their work cut out for them.”

Tell me about it. X-X Luckily I just got five new staff members to help out, and I’m sure they’ll be willing to go over their stated roles to help out more generally. After all, updating music or name origins doesn’t take all that long. :sunglasses:

Yeah, that’s the first thing I think every time a new FF game is announced, too.

I just hope that with all the whoring, they’ll at least get to remaking FFT with proper translations, a difficulty setting that will make sense and no more items buried in battlegrounds you can only visit once.

The FF6 remake has a translation that completely disgraces Ted Woosley’s work and you’re worried about FFT? For shame.

I’m still not over the fact that Bum Rush was renamed.

EDIT: Yes, I know this thread is old, it’s not like much else is visible here.

I bet Woolsey couldn’t even begin to imagine the everlasting fame his translations would give him. That, or I’m exaggerating.

edit: http://www.sonofasubmariner.com/

I thought FF6’s new translation was excellent - it kept pretty much all of the really charming parts of Woolsey’s translation while throwing out the bits that were either a) only made due to censorship or lack of space, or b) just embarrassing.