Witch Hunter Robin on CN!

Maybe so, Pierson, but remember that for many people, the dubbed version is the first they hear, and for THEM, the Japanese originals might sound awful. I remember how much I loved The Flintstones in Spanish as a kid, but later when I got cable, I couldn’t watch them in English because I felt all the voices were “wrong”. I think a good translation of the STORY is more important. (And btw, I HAVE seen plenty of Anime in Japanese first, and I couldn’t stand most female voices, they were too squeaky. So yeah, there’s good AND bad voice acting in Japan too.)

Back to the thread’s original topic: I know almost nothing about WHR, so would someone please tell me what makes it so good? (Honest question, not sarcasm.)

Ok! Here I go.

Witch Hunter Robin is…well not your average anime. It’s quite slow paced starting out, which goes with the extremely dark atmosphere. The animation is also quite dark, a lot of black; even the virtues within the show are all shades of grey. The series starts out with Robin Sena transfering to the Japanese Branch of a world wide witch hunting corporation called Solomon which is based in Italy. She was raised as a nun, so she’s really quiet, and willing to do whatever she’s told. In her first defining actions, when she discovers who she really is and what her feelings are on the matter (since she was raised in a monastry, none of this mattered before, so it’s almost like, self discovery under the whole witch hunting plot). Robin realizes what is humane in her line of work, and what is not, and what seperates her from an actual witch. This happens quite slowly, through the first 9 episodes of the series, where we just see how she interacts with her co workers, Karasuma, who is a witch, Doujima, the local ditz (I love the way her character was twisted around in the end) Sakaki, the new guy, Micheal, the computer genius who accidently ended up at STNJ by mistake, and Amon, the brooding bishounen who leads them all.
Basically, when the series starts, it is 6 months after the killing of one of the hunters. Her name was Kate, and the morale is pretty low within the team. Robin is her replacement. So Robin comes, to hunt witches and ends up exploring her background and how she came to be alive, and in the process she falls in love with her partner, Amon.

Ooooh Amon. Robin’s obsession with him is half of the storyline. It’s quite disturbing and sweet, because of their age difference, and the fact that Amon is all on a witch-hate, and Robin is well…turned into the hunt.

Like I said, it’s a lot of shades of grey. What is depicted as “right” in the series is quite obviously wrong for a lot of us to consider. There’s a lot of social and mythological aspects examined within the show if you look for them. Christian and Greek mytho is mixed and makes a weird background for the series. Many characters do a complete 360 turn around by the mid to late eps, which is great, because the few eps after 15 are kinda like, the calm after the storm which sucks, but with the changes it gives the show a whole new lighter look, that is, until Amon comes back.

WHR isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a gory, fast paced action series, this isn’t it. WHR is action, but it isnt bang bang bang. Things happen over a period of time and the greatness of it is in the mental and visual factor, not by the amount of bodies and violence. Granted, there are shoot outs, but fights are done tastefully.

I also advise anyone watching it to be patient. WHR is quite deep, and you wont get it the first time I around, I gaurantee you. I didn’t, I’m still catching up on little tidbits I missed. So if you’re looking for a sinister thinker, it’s for you.

Hmm… thank you, Eva. But I fear I’m still in the dark about too many details to tell if I should bother watching it. For example, WHAT is a witch supposed to be, exactly? Why do they have to be killed? How come some are allowed in the team, and IS Robin a witch or not?

Personally, I like well-written series, action is not always necessary. On the other hand, I don’t like it if things are TOO fatalistic. Could you link me to a site that describes EVERYTHING about the series? (Don’t worry, I AM perfectly capable of enjoying a series EVEN when I know everything about it, which apparently makes a rarity around these parts. 8 )

BTW, the reason I’m out-of-touch with the newest animes is because the store I used to rent Animes from closed down, and I don’t have money to buy DVDs right now. (And no, I don’t download videos from the Net.)

Dont be sorry. Im having a blast ^^


Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
WHAT is a witch supposed to be, exactly? Why do they have to be killed? How come some are allowed in the team, and IS Robin a witch or not?

A witch is a person who inheirited a certain gene that causes special abilities to surface in their inner being. They can manefest at any time. Thousands of years ago, the witches were gods, but gradually the ability to pass the gene down generations led the normal people, the humans, who had no spectacular ability at all, to hunt down the witches. Most were killed off, but the gene survived and a minority of the population still carries it.

Most likely, the person that is a witch, has no idea at all they are one. These people are called Seeds, because they have a potential to become dangerous if their powers manifest, which may or may not happen. It usually does. Anyways, if a person is mentally unprepared to handle an abrupt surfacing of witch’s power, they go out of control, become apthetic, etc. Some withdraw from humanity, others seek to harm humans just to blame someone for their being a freak of nature and…some witches control their powers and live in hiding. Other witches use their ability to their advantage (Episode 2 is a major example).

By society’s standards, this labels them dangerous. For the public protection, hunters are employeed under utter secrecy, in Solomon, to track down potentially dangerous witches. In Italy, and other parts of the world as well, the witches are hunted down (by gun, and craft, which I’ll explain in a sec) and killed. Well in Japan (Solomon’s branch there is called STN-J), a more “humane” method is practiced. The witches get “hunted” but they don’t get killed. STN-J allows its hunters to use a type of liquid ammo, called Orbo, which blocks most incoming witches power (basically nullifies it, the hunters wear a chain of Orbo across their neck for protection). They shoot the witches with orbo, which may render them unconsious. Then, an organization, called Factory drives in and picks up the body. Factory is well, a factory, and a heavily guarded compound which houses all the captured witches.

Now onto craft and Karasuma. Some hunters, are actually witches. When hunters get employed, they go through a mental test given by a higher power of authority flown in from Solomon. if they are in the right frame of mind and can totally control their powers, they are considered for the hunting job. Most hunters who are witches live life as a normal human. Others like Kate, snap. But anyways, these hunters use their ability, which is called Craft. This is the technological term for witches who have been trained to control their power and present absolutely no danger to the hunters or society whatsoever. Karasuma is a witch, for she can use her “scrying” ability (psychometry?). This type of power isn’t threatening at all- it’s more along the lines of a pyschic, so her witch heritage isnt even considered at all in the series. When Robin comes along, we learn that she can use Craft as well- the ability to control fire. Essentially yes, this makes her a witch, but she doesn’t get called that, since the term witch is associated to the danger and whatnot. That fact isnt acknowledged until Ep 10. Robin starts to realize she is a full fledged witch, and much much more. This contrasts with her Amon-love, because she becomes increasingly scared that he’ll try to kill her, and we are lead to believe that. She doesn’t acknowledge anyone else’s opinions in the matter, just his, because Kate, the dead hunter, was Amon’s partner and well…things look suspicious. He has a hatred of witches and she was one and…got killed.

It’s a lot more complex than this…Robin’s history goes back to the Salem Witch Trials and Methuselah a 400 year old witch who explains what Robin really is, and her potential.

Personally, I like well-written series, action is not always necessary. On the other hand, I don’t like it if things are TOO fatalistic. Could you link me to a site that describes EVERYTHING about the series? (Don’t worry, I AM perfectly capable of enjoying a series EVEN when I know everything about it, which apparently makes a rarity around these parts. 8 )

I’m like that too. I usually like to understand everything before I watch.

I recommend visiting usuyami.vauss.com It’s my WHR base on the net (WHR sites are so limited ><) and the web mistress there is really great.


This is a shrine to Amon. It’s pretty cool. He’s the other leading half, so he has a lot to do with how the storyline shapes out.

Any more questions feel free to ask.

You really do like WHR a lot, don’t you. Well, now I HAVE to watch it. Not that I wasn’t going to before.

Yeah I do. Everyone’s gotta have some type of anime that seems to click with them. This is mine.

Hehe, mine is kind of obvious…

ooo…I just saw it; it’s cool.

Huh? I been watching Cartoon Network and did NOT catch WHR. Is it on late?

Edit: Oh dammit, I just remembered- my cable service gets CN programming with a THREE-HOUR delay. Add 1 hour for my timezone, and it’s no wonder I missed it! Sheesh!

Usually is on 12 midnight on Mondays through Thursdays, i dont know when it would be on for you, i don’t want to do math.

From what I hear, they took out the opening theme song.

Now that completely sucks because:

1)Shell, the song, is quite cool.

2)The opening scenes just rock visually

3)This is the only way to know from the beginning how enthralled with Amon, that Robin is! She’s watching him on a television and she’s all over the television trying to get to him, and yeah…she’s like spying on him and looking sad, and well it really gives out the feeling that she’s obsessed with him.

The opening was an important part of the show…and they just left it out. Bastards.

I’ve been taping WHR during the week and watching it the following evening since I’m actually trying to go to bed on time. Yes, it seems slow, but all the mysteriousness about it seems to be what’s keeping me watching now.

Eva, I completely skipped your long spoilerific post earlier - for once I’m going to find out what happens as I go! I’m glad to know that other people here were excited about it being on Adult Swim, and I’m glad to hear that it does turn out to be a good show.

One more thing - I didn’t need to read anything to know that Robin falls in love with Amon. It’s like an anime plot convention, isn’t it, lol?

Hehe yeah I guess it’s a bit obvious…I guess people on CN forums were bitching about how much WHR sucks mainl;y because it kicked Lupin III out of its time slot, and that it’s a poor man’s Cowboy Bebop.

Im glad people like you are giving it a chance. I cant remember everything that I wrote in my spoilers, so I dont know if you’ve read what I said earlier, that WHR isn’t supposed to be bang bang boom action. Episode…10 or 11 I think, is when the shit starts to hit the fan, especially eps 14-15, but by that time people might have lost interest with the way the series went. It needs time to develope and introduce the world Robin is working/living in, so hopefully you’ll stick around till then.

i know, these new people that just started watching anime cause they have alot of action then don’t watch the ones that have an indepth story plot (i’d give an example but i can’t think right now) that just really annoys me. like for example i have a friend who only likes action anime and at least 4 people have to die before the show gets going… it gets really old. :fungah:

They took out the intro #%@^!%#@^!@%@$!@$!%@$!#$!#%$!@

Wow!! :yipee: Robin has a vespa :cool: all cool animes should have a vespa in them. lol notes FLCL

cringes and hisses at flcl good anime has indepth characters and a detailed plot ;p

so what if it doesn’t have that good of a plot not all animes are plot based i liked it cause i laughed alot while i watched it. beside it good for me and other people if i don’t laugh every week (At least once) i get angry and start to hit people around me…lol

I liked FLCL, even if it was confusing.

Anyway, to get back on the subject, WHR is pretty cool so far. My sister isn’t sure if we should watch it though, something about being desensitized… I haven’t found any reason to stop watching it yet… 0_0 I wonder if that means… well, it must be the internet’s fault… grumbles stupid lemons…

Flcl will desensitize you more then whr probably, but i suppose she means desensitize you from violence and witchcraft. I would think watching and reading the news alone would make someone like that. I remember that 9/11 crap was on tv all day replaying people jumping from the building. As for witchcraft, its not as if anything would happen in real life.

I’m glad WHR is picking up somewhat. Is it me or does anyone else not particularly care for Robin? Or Amon at times? Maybe i don’t because they haven’t really been developed as characters yet.