Wish Me Luck

I’m applying to a few graduate schools to get my MFA in creative writing. My professors all have great confidence in my work, and they all strongly recommend me. That’s a good sign. I’m a bit worried they won’t like my creative sample because part of it is literary, and part of it is genre work. I just hope they think it’s good enough for me to get accepted.

Also, I’m attempting to publish in a lot of science fiction and horror magazines. If I get published, I’ll be sure to let you know so you can get a copy. But the road of successful writing is paved with rejections, so be prepared to wait a while.

What you need to do is show us your sci-fi stories, published or not.

And get accepted, of course. Good luck.

Good luck :smiley:

Best of luck! Where are you applying to?

Good luck! I hope you learn a lot, and have a satisfying experience. I’m assuming that you WILL get in. Positive thinking.

Luck! :smiley:

I can’t seem to think of anything clever to write, but good luck anyway.

I’ve read your material, and I know it’s good. Plus more importantly, you’ve got a realistic approach to publishing. Many people allow their hopes to be crushed too easily. They fail to realize that very few famous writers were celebrated from the start. Even the best were rejected at some time.

So yeah, I think you’ll succeed. But in any case: Best of Luck! :slight_smile:

Good luck in your pursuit GAP, good to know you’re going to keep on trying with the career you love.


I wanna see your damn stories anyway, like TD said. D:

Good luck.

Good luck to you!

Good luck. Science Fiction and horror shouldn’t be too hard to crack, as long as you’re creative and perceptive to the world around you. No point in getting lost in cliches and fantasy worlds. Would you teach after getting your MFA?

Good luck to you! Even if I don’t know you, I’ll be having to deal with trying to get into graduate school one day, so I suppose I can sympathize. Keep your head up.

Best of luck to you, Roun :slight_smile:

Kero Hazel: Syracuse (already applied, and got the fastest rejection EVER- they only accept four to eight people a year, though), Goddard, and Lesley.

Gila-Monster: Don’t worry about me being lost in cliches (the library computer won’t let me access character map, or enter alt+022 , so forgive my misspelling of the word). Most of my peers and professors have always told me how unique my writing was… some of the students in less than nice ways. And yes, I will hopefully teach. I’ve already got quite a few lesson plans in my noggin. Also, I’ve been listening to Sex With Tangerines lately. Great album, especially “Double Malt Gasoline.” It spurs my creative juices, seriously.

Everybody: Thanks for all the support, and stuff. You’re like the monitor lizards I’ve never had. sniff

And for all of you that are clamoring to read my stuff, I do have a fanfic in the media archives somewhere. It’s not my best stuff, but it’s there. Maybe I’ll write something specifically for RPGClassics. Something sexy, and full of goo.

Good luck, man. I love your writing so far as I’ve seen. Genre work is growing more and more accepted, as far as I’ve heard.

Remember the anecdote about the sci-fi writer who later became very famous, but first couldn’t get published, until he submitted the worst thing he’d ever written as a frustrated joke, and got published? Hopefully you do, because that’s all I got. That’s the important part; publishers are shitheads.

The best luck to you Roun! We all know you deserve to succeed.