Wish I could think of a better subject line- Britney Shaved her head


lol, wow.

Oh my god, she is hecka fugly…well more than before.

hahahahahahhahhahahahaaahhhhah hahaahahahha haaaaaa

Oh god that’s rich.

And just when I thought that astronaut love triangle and 900 mile quest to assault somebody was going to be my favorite news story of the year…

And here’s the matching article + video!

What do you mean she’s ugly? I think she looks a lot better than before. :smiley:

I think Britney thought if she pulled a Natalie Portman, she might jumpstart her career. Or something.

She’s just jealous of Anna Nicole Smith’s corpse hogging the spotlight.

I lol’d at your av title. XD

Why’d she shave it and then wear a hood?
Doesn’t make sense.

mommy, is that wady a wetawd?

Wow. Talk about weird idea.

@RedComet: Then she’d kill herself or something, lol.

Yawn, how original. Not to mention I’ve exceeded my celebrity quota for the month.

Gogo Sinéad O Connor.

This is either a bizarre publicity stunt (perhaps to get people to talk about something other than her hoo-hah already) or celebrity life is REALLY getting to her. The girl needs help before she ends up becoming another Michael Jackson. :frowning:

This is disgusting. Why should filth like this make the news? The death of someone I understand, but some bitch shaving her head? Ok. Not that this is a revelation or anything, but the media is fucked, and so is celeberty status.

Um, see, Gila, that kind of reaction to this kind of thing kinda feels like reacting with great offense to differences between a book and a subsequent movie. Annoyance, I can understand, but you seem enraged and surprised.

On the most sacrilegious differences between the imposter movie LOTR and the glorious Lord of the Rings, the disappointing failure of Peter Jackson to do what he wants in a multimillion project and the necessity of his being hunted down and blessed with Eru’s gift to humans.


Taken last night. I lol’d real hard

Wish I could think of a better subject line- Britney Shaved her head

Britney Shears :smiley:

Definitely has got to be a publicity stunt. Why else would it get so much attention? Seriously, when Natalie Portman shaved her head, there wasn’t this much hoo-hah… O.o