Wisdom Teeth

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and my cheeks are swelled. I was wondering if anyone else has had theirs removed, and how long did it take for the swelling to go down?

It took about a week for the swelling to go down completely when I got mine out.

But it really depends on how badly your teeth were impacted. If they can just pull your teeth then it won’t be so bad. But if they have to surgically extract them, it will take longer to heal.

There’s one good side effect about radiation: I never had to worry about my wisdom teeth. They never formed. Anyway, my siter did have them out and it took her about a week to get back to normal. She had them surgically extracted.

I only had two, and they were easy to pull out. Only problem I had was that they wouldn’t stop bleeding, so I had to suck on a teabag the day they were pulled.

I bet you sucked on a teabag.

I had all 4 removed, the procedure took over 3 hours, I could not feel my mouth and drooled on the pharmacy floor without realising my mouth was open or I was salivating while waiting for my prescription and I was too out of it to realise it too.

It took about 5-6 days.


Yeah. God bless tannic acid. :slight_smile:

The trick is, when you get them out, milk it for sympathy as long as you can. Complain about how much it hurts and get as much sympathy as possible, because sympathy can lead to feel better soon gifts.

I’m stumped :(.

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And Sin, apparently tannic acid is believed to act as a coagulant when mixed with saliva. My dentist recommended it, and my dentist-for-a-grandfather later confirmed that suggestion. It might be psychosomatic, but eh.

When I had my widsom teeth removed, it only took a day for the pain to lessen. It takes at least two weeks for you are back to normal.

I never got any free zeny. I’m not that low. Maybe you’re thinking of DN. :frowning:

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I had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed like 2 weeks ago, after waiting for 3 months and the pain passing after 2 of them. Now I get to wait another 3 months for the removal of the remaining two.

God bless public healthcare.

Had mine removed two years ago. Mine never really swelled… I was just in pain and hungry as hell.

I got all four of mine taken out. Those were good times. Apparently the operation took an hour or so but it felt like 5 or 10 minutes thanks to the drugs they gave me! haha! My mouth bled all day and night afterwards. I remember trying to sleep, but i’d wake up like an hour later with all this blood on my mouth and on my pillow. hahah. Yeah. Healing took about a week and a half.

Oh yeah. Get used to eating mushy food, cause you won’t be able to chew anything for a while.

*edit: after the healing there was still some holes around my teeth and gum where they sewed it up. Food kept getting trapped under there and my mouth would taste like rotting food. ugh. I had to get this syringe thing from the oral surgeon(well it wasn’t a needle, it had a curved end and it was plastic), and clean out the holes in my mouth for almost 2 months.

Just hope you don’t get a dry socket! I think that’s the term for it. It is where it doesn’t close completely or something and it leaves the nerve exposed. I remember the guy warning me about the possibility of it and I had one. That night SUCKED. I didn’t sleep at all because the pain was killing me. It finally went away about 10am the next morning, but it was 12 hours of pure hell.

Ugh, screw all this hassle, I’m keeping my wisdom teeth. Dentists be damned, they are the devil incarnate.

Mine don’t really hurt that much as long as I don’t skip any pills.

I just can’t stand this swelling. I feel like I’m in a fat suit.

I had all four out when I was a teenager. They were all impacted so they needed to be surgically removed. My mouth was swollen for about a week and it took around 2 weeks for it to heal.

The only annoying thing were the stitches. They kept hanging down into my mouth and made it difficult to eat.