.. Wisdom Teeth

My wisdom teeth are coming in… And I really don’t want to get them pulled, I heard it hurts like hell. Is it really that bad? Has anyone here had their wisdom teeth pulled yet?

Yea, it hurts, but they knock you up pretty good before, during, and after the procedure, so it isn’t so bad.

I hope not. I hope I don’t even have to get them pulled.

I had mine pulled a couple of months ago. I did the local where they just numb your mouth a lot and pull them. It cost extra to get the drugs and stuff (money I don’t have). It hurt like no other after the numbing wore off. I love the Marine Corps, but I cussed it out like no other (I had to get them pulled to be deployable and stay in). That night was miserable. It was tolerable the next day, but it sucked not really being able to eat anything. I felt really sick that night too since the areas were bleeding profusely and threw up a lot. After the first night or so it isn’t as bad, but you still want pain killers for a couple of weeks. My vicaden (spelling?) ran out before the pain stopped so I took some over the counter stuff and it didn’t the job and I ended up hurting my stomach.

All of my teeth were impacted, (meaning they were formed but had not come in yet), and that roots were not formed. It hurt for two days but after that I just had a puffy face. You should get them pulled, because many times they teeh get decay and that becomes a whole other problem. They can also cause crowding in your mouth and move your teeth around screwing up your bite.

I got mine taken out last christmas break. The drugs were enjoyable, as was the operation(thanks to the drugs), but the mouth full of blood that night wasn’t enjoyable. Same with not being able to chew for a while. But it’s worth it, because apparently they can mess up your teeth if they don’t come in right. A couple of mine were even going in sideways.

I haven’t had mine pulled, but after hearing an account from Cro on what it’s like, I know it isn’t pretty.

seriosuly…i dont advocate drugs…but if i have ta get mine pulled right beofre im gonna go buy like a ton of crack and just be stoned for a week so that i dont feel like crap

It’s no big deal. They pump you full of either laughing gas or one of the other dental knock out drugs and you get your teeth pulled. A week of pain is worse then a few years of it if you let them grow in. The odds are about 10-1 that they’ll grow in impacted or the wrong way or both. Just get 'em tugged, if I can take it, being the panzy that I am, then so can you. If they grow in impacted all the way it’ll just hurt more and your mouth’ll likely begin to rot. Oh, and see if you can get 'em tugged sooner rather then later. One of mine was fully grown in when I got them yanked…that one hurt like…5 times more then the others.

I heard it varies from person to person on how bad it is.

Dude is young but he is right. And so’s Jango.

But you get some crazy good drugs when you get them pulled. At least, that’s what my mom said happened when she got hers pulled. I never had to worry about it.

bah, you’ll sleep the whole time through it… :stuck_out_tongue:

And get plenty of more sleep for the next week or so…

I had mine removed back in July (and I only had three, yay for charging per tooth!). It’s different for everyone, but there are plenty of nice painkillers out there. However, make sure they don’t make you throw up - I found out the hard way the next day that Percocet really isn’t for me unless I get an anti-nausea chaser, lol.

The worst part for me was when the local anesthetic wore off; I had them removed in the morning around 10, and it wore off around 5 or 6 or so (you have to understand, I was a bit hazy on times and whatnot then, lol). After they’re out, it’s really important not to do things that could damage the clots that form where the teeth were. They’re part of the healing process, and having dry socket (which is when the clots come out) isn’t pleasant.

In the end, unless they all come in straight and you have PLENTY of room in your mouth, just go for it. The chances of something being messed up in your mouth because of them is pretty high, and the whole experience really isn’t that bad (and I’m a pansy).

You guys act like drugs are standard, they actually cost extra. If they didn’t I would have beend rugged when I had mine pulled, but I don’t have that kind of money (I paid for it myself).

Hahahahahahahahaha, something tells me you’d want something like an opiate, not a stimulant.

Not in Canada!
hugs Canadian healthcare system

Well, some drugs cost money, but it’s pretty cheap.

That is my problem with them. I’m getting them pulled next thursday

im actually in the lucky 1 out of 10 people that got them in right…go me…i called my dentist to find out lol…and shes like yeah you rock some hard wisdom teeth im like chuch…sometimes i wish i was ghetto just so i could talk like that all the time…

I’m going to draw you an illustration to show you my wisdom teeth situation.

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