My mom’s gonna be moving this Saturday into an area that has high-speed internet. Huzzah for no longer being trappd in 56kville. So, we’re gonna be making the house wireless as far as internet goes. Anyone got any suggestions for what kind of wireless router we should get? (And also probably what kind of wireless reciever, my sister’s computer doesn’t have one built in …)

I’ve heard Netgear sucks and Linksys is pretty good. I don’t have to worry about it with my laptop and school’s network, but that’s what my friends do when they set one up (use Linksys, that is).

Yeah, Linksys FTW. Belkin’s pretty good too, they’re often the brand that gets discounted a lot on sites like newegg.

If the computer you’re installing a receiver into is a desktop, make sure you get a USB card (the kind that has a cord that lets you move the receiver away from the case), not a PCI one. PCI cards and USB cards that have the antenna sticking right out of your case don’t tend to function that well, unless the router is in the same room. The case just creates too much interference.

I’ve had Linksys for the last two years… it’s the most sucky piece of garbage ever. Random disconnects, forced reboots, slowness all around… forget ever having decent torrent speeds- although mine is probably just defective… I’ve heard negative feedback about Linksys a lot lately, in any case.

I’m told D-Link is pretty good, on the other hand.

I can tell you otherwise.

Sounds to me like you haven’t configured it properly, or your specific router just blows goats.

Linksys is great, I use them for goddamn everything. The <a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WRT54G”>WRT54G</a> series basically does everything ever.

It actually is defective, according to their customer support. It works but it won’t let me change any configurations of any kind. So I guess just nevermind everything I said ^_^;;

For the record, BEFW11S4.

Bloody hell, why couldn’t I have found this out while it was still under warranty?

Right, WRT54G it is, then … Any specific recommendations?