WinXP screwing around

Alright, I’ve had XP for a while, but for about 3 weeks it’s had problems connecting to some sites, namely google, and stuff…No problem, i’ve always had my bros comp as backup…

I installed XP on my Bros comp today, and now he cant connect to some sites (kinda sucks, as we start up at Tafe/Uni tommorow)

Wondering if anyone else has had these problems, or know of anyone who has…and has some kind of solution or even gerneral help :slight_smile:

I currently have 87 viruses. I don’t dare delete one, cuz I think they’re making the other viruses not work. I think some viruses actually fused with other viruses to make whole new viruses. But you don’t see me crying about it, do you? huh?

Charl, our mutant virii should meet each other and like fight for death or something. That’d be cool!

And are your virii pirate virii?

Ok…While I do embrace Charls insanity, Please dont let this get off topic, as i really do need help…I dont know what to do…

Since making this thread, got a bit of help in the chat…done the following things<UL>
<LI>Got F-prot, and used it …114 infected files O_O (Couldnt download…had to get someone else to, then DCC it to me)
<LI>Removed IE, then brought it back…
<LI>Done the Macarana naked in front of my web cam…Although I think PKT was trying to fool me there

Thanks to anyone who happens to actually give smoe advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: also of note, The Firewall is off on both computers

You could try Norton Anti Virus if they have it where you live (not a stipud question. norton is a bastard to update some days). It’s generally pretty good at providing regular top-ups. When was the last tiem you updated you virus scanner?

laughs at silly IE vulnerabilities

Huge tip: Uninstall that security risk with XPLite. =P

You should’ve kept ME…& let me see the naked dance.