Windows XP question

I’ve been having problems lately with internet explorer refusing to save images from the web as ANYTHING but BMP. Even if it is an animated GIF image, the ONLY option is BMP.

Needless to say, this is begining to frustraight the living snott out of me and I seek help. Would anyone happen to know what could be causing this?

That sounds quite odd, but I can’t think of anything that might be causing it. If everything else fails, you could always replace IE with Firefox and see what happens.

Then don’t post! It’s as simple as that, people!

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Izlude: Have you tried using another browser? I’m sure people will come and be like “omg wtf ie sux lolz” but sometimes they’re right.

Try Opera or Firefox, that way we can find out if the problem is Internet Explorer or Windows XP itself.

Use Firefox. Its a quick download and it’ll transfer all your bookmarks automatically.

Holy crap… This is alot better, thanks guys!

Make sure IE is fully upgraded. When I right click on a image, and click “save picture as…”, it gives me the option to save as JPEG or BMP. Also try messing around with some of the multimedia options under Internet Options.

I know sometimes when i download picts too fast, or on a crappy connection, the quality is changed and i can only save in BMP, instead of GIF or JPEG. check ure connection, and the quality of the picts.

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I know you’ve changed to Firefox by now :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s some kind of bug in Explorer. It happens every so often, and I find clearing my cache tends to get rid of it. There’s technical support on it in the Help and Support section of the Start menu ^^ under “Internet Explorer does not save graphics files in the proper format”

About IE…

I did not know that IE was a bad broswer. That was an interesting read.

And don’t be naive and think they’ll actually put out a new browser, or reform IE. When they say “with longhorn” they mean “to appease those who understand change is needed, but we won’t actually do it because our userbase is a bunch of stupid idiots who wouldn’t notice the difference anyway.” The only thing they might do is tie IE down into Explorer even tighter than it is now.

Actually, Beta of IE7 is going to be out before Longhorn

I go with the others, but personally I use opera.