windows xp. help!

I have a copy of windows xp, but i don’t want to have to buy a new copy for each computer in my house, so is there any way to avoid activation at all?? Or just anyway of installing it on multiple computers. I know there is no legal way, so mebbe you l33t kiddies can help me out :frowning:

XP Office and XP Pro you don’t need to worry about that. However, XP Home is meant for only one computer, and they’ll deactivate it if it’s used on multiple comps.

It’s true what Xelopheris says: They intend to extract lisence money out from you at each install - which is why I’m sticking to good old Windows 2000.

As much as I would like to link you to a crack for the activation crap: That would make Merlin very angry, especially when Bill Gates comes to give him an economic spanking.

How about them PMs. Nul? :stuck_out_tongue:

If walls have ears and eyes, imagine what PMs might have: Eww, that’s a disturbing thought.

well, there’s always the chat

Who needs XP anyhow?

<del>Linux</del> Win 98 I say!


Somebody take a picture. Wert advocated for the use of a Windows product!

coughs, falls over, and dies

Some time ago I heard something about a new free Windows under the GNU. Wasn’t it going to be an open source system soon?