Windows XP can survive for a whole 20 minutes...

…before its filled with worms.

>>;; why would any company release this as a product? why wouldn’t they wait to make it safe? XD

Because each time it crashes you have to call them up to see what’s wrong.

Yeah. When I reinstalled xp, it took me a half an hour to get sasser virus because I didn’t patch right away.

I haven’t had any problems. Not even the bug that causes Norton to not update when you run LiveUpdate that the family’s ME computer had. :3

Yeah someone called up Jeff Levy and the caller said the Microsoft technitian told him to purchase the reboot disk because the caller no longer had it. Of course it didn’t do anything and the the man now has a non functiuoning computer. I wonder if they plan on people not having the reboot disk to make more money. In any case this is a problem.

ain’t that the truth…i wish i had ME on this computer…but every time i try to do anything…i keep going to…windows xp sucks balls

I’ve had some trouble with it but nothing that mcafee and adaware couldn’t solve

If you’re on broadband you should have a router between your modem and your computer. Those things’ll usually not let any ports through by default, so there’s no way for viruses to get to your system from outside.

i fixed the problem with my browser by downloading stopzilla…now only if i had the cashflow to register it

You might not want to post porn again.

At least it wasn’t Windows girl hentai.

*Hugs Firewall.


Big dizzy if you want a free adware program go here: Ad-Aware I like it alot I think its one of the best adware/spyware removers out there for free home use.