Windows used to control nukes?!

If you need be, I’ll be under my desk.

This doesnt surprise me much. I do know from a friend who used to be in the Navy that they were using Windows on the ship he was posted on. Even if it was a few years ago (the windows 3.1 days), and it was a carrier, I still would have figured they still use it today.

ok… im a little scared, but hey, what else do they have?

I don’t think they mean XP Home. :stuck_out_tongue: Im sure whatever ‘windows’ they use will be customized for their dedicated…boat…machine…thingies. :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, its still windows. Imagine getting a BSOD firing off one of those warship cannons? o_O;

They better get used to CRASHING their boats more!!!




Brilliant. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the genius of this strategy in 15 years when they’re still dealing with bugs from having to support software designed for a 15 year old version of windows.

Microsoft’s smart. They make the Windows for the nuke control better; otherwise, they’d piss off the guys with the nukes.

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me.

Maybe you should go code something better if you don’t like it. Oh, wait, you can’t. You’re all also too lazy to learn some form of Unix. Psh.

I’m not a MAC fan, but I say they should have used Mac OS instead. Not as many people can hack or care enough to bother learning how to hack a Mac OS… It’d be safer. But then again, Bill [STRIKE]Fuck Shits[/STRIKE] Gates has the world by the balls.


Windows is just as stable as Linux: It’s just that people compare Linux running as a server and Windows running as a desktop.
I don’t have to reboot my Windows server any more often than my Linux server.

yeah but…bill gates MADE windows, he owns windows, so whats stopping him from hacking into the nuke’s computer and holding the entire world hostage!!!
this was probably his plan for world domination all along!!!


though I probably am wrong…

That depends on what you mean by “Stable”.

If the definition is “It doesn’t crash!” then yes, it’s just as stable.

If the definition, however, happens to include other things, like security, time between upgrades etc, then no, Windows is not half as stable as, say, Debian stable. And ESPECIALLY not if it’s Win NT 4.0 or earlier.

Then again, nothing is as Stable as Debian Stable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and Windows in submarines? Bah, ooooooold news… Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to working on this top-secret military project that would allow me to control the su- Errr I mean… I have to get back to my… Uh… Pr0n. Yeah. Or something. >>

Who else saw this coming? Seriously, Wert, we know you lurk as a guest waiting for mention of Windows or Linux. STOP HIDING AND COME INTO THE LIGHT!

ACtually, you can blame me. I showed it to him.

I’m actualy kinda suprized that they have just started using windows now. I guess that old “Missle Command” stand up was realy reliable.

I don’t wanna know what’ll happen if they start playing Missile Command on one of those. :3