Windows Themes/Desktop Mods

Ok I had my first real computer upgrade in…well…ever to gear up for Oblivion. Normally I keep like 3-4 years behind the modern stuff because it is so much cheaper and I rarely have use for the modern stuff.

One of the new things I am trying for the first time is lcds and wow I am impressed. The labs always get cheap ones and the ones in stores always look blurry, but the good ones do look so much crisper than CRTs. Plus I have all the extra room to maneuver in with the higher resolution. I’ve never even bothered with a background picture because I never actually saw it behind all the windows I had open.

This all leads me to my point. Now that I actually have a reason to make my desktop look nice does anyone have good advice on where I should head? I went to but it had so many options that made it overwhelming. What do people here use to modify their desktop (taskbar, window borders, etc.)? Are they safe or will I have to worry about quirky bugs/crashes? Do they slow the window repainting?

I use TuneUp Utilities for that. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. I could send you the necessary files if you’re interested.

Sure. I would appreciate it. IM or e-mail?

PM me your e-mail and I think I can send the install files.

I use a hacked uxtheme.dll. It lets you use all the same skins that you could use in Stardock Windowblinds, but without that retarded Stardock application. It also uses less memory, because you’re using the official windows skinning application.