Windows Media Player Vs. My Aunt.

This is a somewhat peculiar case so read carefully.

For once, this is not my problem, but my aunt’s. She has WMP Version 10 on WinXP Service Pack 2 and wants to watch DVD video with it. She was told to download a codec for it which she did and it worked, but the thing had a hidden time limit after which you have to renew (namely: pay subscription) in order for it to continue working properly. More precisely, the sound works but not the video.

The easy solution to this is of course getting another player and that’s it, but she has engaged herself in a personal vendetta against this program out of sheer stubbornness. Basically, she just want to make the damn thing work so that she can say to herself “I made the damn thing work”. Pirate’s pride if you may.

So, the question would be: How does one get WMP10 to play DVD Video more permanently? Does the Defiler Pack work?

Your aunt needs to suck it up and get a media player that isn’t garbage.

While I concur, the defilerpack does, in fact, fix this problem. Just make sure to uninstall all other codecs first.