Windows Media Player problems.

Sometime last week, my WMP inexplicably overnight stopped playing sound correctly. Everything sounds hollow or as it in a tunnel. I hadn’t installed any new media-playing programs or codecs, so I don’t know what the hell’s gone wrong. Winamp, divX player, emulators, and everything else still produce sound just fine, without any problems. Any idea what I can do to ge my WMP working again?

<img src=“”> nope. But try installing a different player (cough<a href=“”>BSPlayer</a>cough) to see if you still have the same problems. If you do, it’s not WMPs fault. (And BSP is a better played anyway, so uh, yeah <_<)

Is it possible that you have accidentally altered something in the settings? Accidentally changed the modus of the equaliser?

Considering I don’t even know how to find what you’re talking about, no. Let me on to where the setting is, though, and I’ll check it to see if any other programs might’ve set it off balance. Thanks.

Just under the visualisation, there’s different options, you must have clicked SRS Wow-effects. That can make the sound like you explained. Just disable the Wow effects, and things should work fine.

Thank you for reading,

Got it. It was the equalizer…I wonder what tinkered with it?