"Windows 1.0! With REVERSI!"

Now THIS is amusing. :smiley:

My comp played that with such poor quality…

But I could hear it alright, hehe.

And the world was covered in darkness…

If theres someone stupider than ballmer on this planet, i’ve yet to meet him.

Scary man.
I installed Windows 3.1 on VMWare once. I don’t understand how we survived.

I saw an IBM machine with Windows 3.0 once before at a Goodwill…it was like seeing a coelacanth at a pet store.

THAT’S RIGHT! REVERSI! Ye gods, I thought he was gonna burst something.

Interesting, I would have to say very interesting.

Did You know Reversi was on Win 3.0 but not 3.11?

Ok, This was the time when BBC was BIG. Yup the time that Math teachers either didn’t understand it and let it to collect dust or understood it and are now are head of IT. (I had a teacher who is the head of It that teaches Maths. His classes Blitzed the Excel parts with ease).

I think the Mac Won that round.

Big Nutter
The BBC Ran a form of Basic slightly different to the Spectrum and Microsoft’s own (Email/PM for a copy of the lastest Microsoft one (1994)).

Steve Ballmer For President in 2k8(sarcasm).

Windows. Now with REVERSI!!!one11! This should have won for best noob impression.

However, This is very amusing.