Wind Waker : Golden Game

When I meant Golden Game, I mean you beated the game once and now you can play it again, with some change. I’m all “Whoa” over here.
The outfit Link’s grandmother (The hero’s clothes, usual green tunics) was invisible. Link was still the same in his light blue outfits! O_o;; ((and I loved the old green tunic ;_;))

You start with the Deluxe Picto box, if you already had it in your first game…

And I think there might be other changes too, but I don’t know what.

Update : Aryl, Link’s sister, have now a new outfit, the pink pirate one.
And Hyrulian as been translated into english.

Yeah, I was having a heck of a time getting all of the pictures for the Nintendo Gallery, but my brother managed to screw up this game too so I can’t do the final dungeon.

Oh well, the game’s fun though.

I can’t wait to play that game, I’ve only played a little bit of the beginning.


I need to finish Wind Waker. Stupid school; and even more stupid exams.

I’ll get Wind waker sometime tis summer, after I defeat BoF 5. or maybe my friend well let me borrow it?:slight_smile: :hmm: