win32.Netsky.# worms - Get a Virus Sanner

It appears someone in the RPGC has not got a Up to date Virus scanner. I’ve had unsented and/or infected E-mails off Several RPGC members, and reacently Joseph Blanchette, (Aka The Legendary Frog).

Win32.Netsky.# (# replaces with letters A- Q) Virus types: Fakes a sender E-mail from an address on the Infected PC, using it’s own SMTP Sever, and Sends to another Address on infected PC.

Big Nutter

Chances are no one here has Netsky.
As you said yourself it fakes the ‘Sender Address’: It’s just pretending to be from RPGCers and Legendary Frog.

You should start reading your own post before posting it. *Nod, nod.

‘Hiryuu’ tried to send me Netsky from his RPGC e-mail address a while back. And a whole bunch of other random people have tried to send it too.

I have a feeling that Netsky has attacked Cidoflas’s PC. The Addresses have been prodomatly ones accosiated with FF, Like Names @ffc, winfred and the Frogs are just a few.

Big Nutter
Winfred, FFC new content

no, many viruses mask the sender address from someone in the infected user’s address book.

I’m pretty sure all of us at the FFCompendium have up-to-date anti-virus programs. As of right now, my Norton Corporate has about 350 infected files in quarantine. And Nutter, those files could be from anyone. For example, I have about half a dozen labeled from your old email address.

Dumb netsky. At least it isn’t as easy to get as Sasser. The boy had too much time, it seems…