Will It Blend?

That is the question.

How many things can go into a blender?

Golf balls!


Credit cards!

And much, much more.


Edit: woops I pressed the wrong letter. This gets a D for Dull.

It depends on the blender. This isn’t worth cookies. C-.

Entertaining because of the wanton destruction but the professor guy isn’t very photogenic. A washing machine outfitted with huge blades hosted by the guys from Mythbusters= winner.

C+ for the cochicken, but that’s about it.

Big deal, I can do that with my lawn mower. D-(Note: Please don’t forget to wear your safety glasses, helmet, and flak jacket when trying this at home.):hint:

I give it an 8/10. It loses two points because the tests do not contain two very important items of blender fodder; beersoda and a human hand each one worth a one-point deduction.