Will hackers attack today?


This is interesting, I hope RPGC willl not be affected though.

Ah yes, turning crime into a contest, how organised of them. :noway: I SO hope they get caught out :fungah: :fungah: :fungah: :fungah: :noway:

I highly doubt it.

RPGC shouldn’t be a target because it’s not a big enough website to warrant actual interests for these kind of games. Big corporations, security firms, governement agencies are the big game of these competitions.

At least, that would be the most logical thing to target.

I dont know

the attackon us the other day might have been a prelude to this

I would think so, you probably would get a lot of bragging rights talking to your friends that you hacked RPGC because of all the problems lately.

Wasn’t this posted the other day?

Originally posted by Urkani
Wasn’t this posted the other day?

If it was, I did not see it.

I don’t think so, we talked a bit about it in chat I think, maybe you got the two confused, Urk.

I imagine Record Industry of Crazy Go Nuts America will divert most of the attacks.