Will be offline for a little while...

We’re finally getting out of this godforsaken shipyard, and now that we’re preparing to get underway there’s a LOT of work to do as far getting the equipment back up and such after having spent three months in a drydock, and I doubt I’ll have any time at all to come visit the forums over the next few weeks. After that we’ll be underway for a few days and all I’ll have then is e-mail.

After we arrive at our next port, I should be back again.

You may still contact via e-mail of course, but after today this is it for 2-3 weeks.

We usually don’t notice you’re here, and I doubt we’ll notice you missing. Most here probably view you as an Always Present Spirit. nod, nod

Actually, I’m sure we’ll notice you’re gone and then have a huge thread reporting the first ‘Rast Sighting’ when you return: Like usual.

See ya round Rast. Take care.

See ya Rast!

Well, come back. Please.

May the force be with you.

Take care, Rast :slight_smile:

See Ya, Rast!!!

See ya ‘round Rast. Dont’ be a stranger.