Wilfredo's 4000th Post thread!

Huh. I just realized my post count is up to 3,99+. I normally wouldn’t care, in fact that’s why I hadn’t noticed before. I’m not all about Getting The Most Posts, LoL. (In fact, if we counted the posts I had before the counter was reset - AND the posts I made in the Role Playing Board, which aren’t counted- I would have over 10,000 posts already! O_O ) However, I also realized that, in ALL the years I’ve been here, I’ve never had a “Post Questions” thread of my own, as is the custom to celebrate the record-breaking. So, since we seem to be so “festive” lately, I decided: why not? Let’s make a Milestone Thread!

So, OK, THIS is the chance [Strike] you never cared about[/Strike] always wanted: To ask Wilfredo ANYTHING!! I will try to answer in as entertaining (not necessarily correct :wink: ) a fashion as I can. You have until I reach post #4000 to do so- which given how often I post here, should be in one or two days! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, remember: [Strike]Call[/Strike] post now! Operators are standing by! Offer ends soon!*

  • Offer not Valid in Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Guam.

If posts in the roleplaying forum counted as -1, like I’ve always argued they should, your post count would be negative

Edit: o I should ask a question rite? um ok who is the hotter jailbait miley cyrus or miley cyrus?

Whyfore you toss Taz into yon cold, cold pond?

What would be the outcome of Red Son vs. Superman encounter?

Who do you think would win in a battle between Batman and Wolverine? Why?

What’s your favorite book? Why? What’s your favorite movie, and why?

Would you opt for colouring books to be a mandatory experience/skill for registering for these here forums?

Would you say that Lex Luthor prefers to stay within the lines of a coloring book or use the correct colors or not?

And would you say that Dr. Doom prefers coloring books or connect the dots?

Have you ever really wanted to rape someone

Oh come on, Zep. You’d fuck Miley Cyrus and you know it.

ALSO: Why do you think Hades changed his avatar to a chick with a dildo?

Who says the following:

<<Молодой крокодил хочет завести себе друзей>> точка.

Is is still gay if you beat them up afterwards?

Why am I the only one who asked about happy Soviet clay animation?

One for every K.

Where’s the beef?

Catgirls or Elves?

Ninjas or Pirates?

What is your favourite dish?

Who is Spain?

Why is Hitler?

When is right?

Where was that stooped and mealy-colored man I used to call Poppa when the merry-go-round broke down?

How was trump at Munich?

What was Lex Luthor’s plan for stealing forty (which is as many as four tens) cakes?

If you had to learn a martial art, which would it be and why?

Who’s your favourite Starfleet Captain/Commander?

Holy Moscow! Man, You’re even more Russian than I am. :wink:
I almost forgot about one of my favorite childhood heroes.

What do you do when your friends are growing up faster than you, moving on to greater things and experiencing what you can only imagine, making you feel left behind?