Wilfredo Martinez

I’m callin you out man. Where’s my favorite geezer gone?

Judging by his blog and posting activity, he hasn’t touched the internet in over a year.

Hopefully he’s okay. I remember him talking about some kind of health issues, plus I miss his comic book retrospectives. Those were always enlightening and saved me the trouble of having to study over a century’s worth of comic book history.

Yeah, I berated him a lot, but I kind of liked him. I also remembered his medical woes and was wishing him the best. He’s not dead, I remembered he lived in Puerto Rico and looked it up. And Wilfredo Martinez was his real name, no?

He’s made some TVTropes edits the past couple of weeks. So he was alive as of then.

I miss him too. I may not have known him as long as you guys, but he was the first person I befriended on this forum. I’m sure his okay too; hope it gets back online some time…

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he is a troper.