Wild Zero

And I’m not talking about a pornographic site featuring our admin here.

I’m talking about a Japanese movie. A “Rock-And-Roll Jet Movie”, to be exact.

It is described with the following words :

“Trash and Chaossss!!!”

“The great psycho of them all!”

“Brutality of Screen!”

“Thrill, Speed and Stupid Zombies!”

It stars Guitar Wolf, from which I understand, is a rock-and-roll group composed of Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf and Drum Wolf. I recently got hold of this gem, and watched it.

It makes no bloody sense.

Really, it doesn’t.

The back of the DVD (I got in VHS, but read the english DVD release) says it’s a mix between “Independence Day, KISS meets the Phantom Demon (or something like that) and Evil Dead 2.” It’s true, in a certain sense. But it’s Babelicious, and by that, I mean, Tower of Babelicious.

Anyway, it’s a tale of acceptance of one’s homosexuality using zombies, lots of gore, flaming mufflers, good ol’ fifties rock and roll sung in Japanese, zombies, aliens, electric guitar picks and, last but not least, a guitar-katana. I wish I was making that up folks.

Pick it up if you can, it’s lack of any sense will entertain you I’m sure.

One of my substitute teachers for my art class was telling us about this movie a while ago. I thought he was just making stuff up as he went along.

Well, he most certainly wasn’t.

Like I said, pick it up if you can, it’s a fun rental at…3 AM.