Wild Arms

I’m sure many of you are fans of the Media.Vision classic RPG, Wild Arms. What are your thoughts on the game? Any favorite characters? Frustrated by the puzzles you have to mull through?

I personally thought the game was awesome. My favorite character has to be the almighty Jack…either him or Boomerang, if only because Boomerang and Jack are the most chivalrous of the characters in the game. Rudy, although he doesn’t talk, offers much in introspective aspects of gameplay (like, “What? He’s a robot?” followed by cranial explosion).

Worst boss in the game, you ask? Well, Ragu Ragla, of course…the Abyss, in and of itself, was a giant bitch. Zed was up there too, if only to annoy the shit out of you.

The puzzles in the game sucked…let’s be honest, here. When you hit the door puzzle in your journey to recover Rudy, that’s just murder on the synapses.

And that’s all I have to say. Cosmic Nova rules.

Right, first off, this is the wrogn Forum.; You got my hopes up with the belief that someone was kickass enough to start a Wild Arms based RP. Damn you.

Second: I’ve onyl played the Second to any extent yet, so I can’t be much of a judge. ut what I DID play, I loved. It’s one of my favorite game series now. So yay.

Whoops, my apologies.

Where should this have gone, then? I am, as it were, a newb.

And 2nd Ignition was pretty cool, but not nearly as good as the first…I didn’t like how you could max out your characters’ defenses in no time flat and take 0 damage until well into the second disk. I also didn’t like the ‘town finder’ radar…just a good idea gone bad. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the hell out of 2nd Ignition.

Int he Main Forum, probably.

And I rather liked That system, sicne I never bothered usign the Personal skills except to build immunities. I liek making things harder for me.

WAI and WAIII were the best. Once you play them, you will realize thw WA2 sucks/

WHAT? NO WAY! Not only was WA2 the best of the trilogy, it’s one of the best RPGs EVER! Utterly original in its “we don’t have ONE menace, but THREE!” approach, and more importantly, its sometimes-subtle-and-sometimes-not theme, that of the search for the meaning of heroism.

However, I admit that ALL WA games have been very good, and the only thing I didn’t like about #1 was the poor look of its graphics. However, that’ll be taken care of in the remake, wich I’m very much looking for! (I don’t know about the changes to the story, if any, but I hope they don’t spoil it.) Anybody got any news about that?

If anyone says it, I will personally kill you. Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m talking about.

Actually, I have no idea what you’re talking about. :ah-ha!:

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Okay, either I’m seriously missing something here. Or something very strange is going on at RPGC.

Anyway, the only one of the three I’ve played, is the first one. And that is a great game. Yet like Wil said it will be even better after the remake.

Wait, I get it now. You’re talking about the ill-fated WA3 contest we had like a year ago? Pfft, I hardly even remember it.

And HS, I’ve seen the updated look of the WA remake characters and I LOVE them! Too bad the site I saw was in japanese, that’s why I ask for any gossip anyone may have…

It wasn’t ill-fated, the contest went fine. The issue was with the obscene amount of retarded entries we had to root through.

Not to mention the crappy voting system. If you’re going to have 5 winners, you have to take 5 up from each round, logically. Otherwise, the five best could be in one round, but two get eliminated. That’s my $0.02

There’s no possible way 5 of the best would have been in the same poll, they were more then balanced out by the stupidly high number of bad entries. And quiet, I don’t recall anyone asking for Canadian pennies.

Yeah, but by the semi-finals, they were mostly good ones left. That one should’ve gone 5 up. And Canadian pennies are still worth a bit in Michigan!

You’re just bitter.

WA3 sucked, I want my money back.

Okay, I now return your $0.00 with intrest. That comes out to… $0.00.

Gimme my money!