Wild ARMs in Canada?

Any Canadians out there managed to snag Wild ARMs: Alter Code F yet? It was supposed to ship yesterday, but oddly enough nobody here has even heard of it. I’ve tried two huge stores and one little one. Best Buy doesn’t have it listed on their website (the US or Canadian one). EBX (Electronic Boutique) does have it on their website, but its store in Yorkdale doesn’t have it. Is this some kind of phantom game? O_o

I think I’ll probably just order it online (never done that before) but is this just me, or has anyone else in the Great White North spotted a copy?

It doesn’t seem to have arrived in Puerto Rico either, Cid. I’ve the game reserved at a local Gamestop but I forgot to check if it had arrived yesterday, today I checked online but found no confirmation about it. I suspect it failed tobe delivered for some reason. I’ll call the store tomorrow and find out.

I didn’t see it when I picked up DQ8 today. I’ll check for it locally when I pick up Mario Kart tomorrow.


Called the game store. None of the game stores in the Dallas area received Wild ARMs today. I’m not sure what the problem is, or if there was a problem at Agetec’s end.

I’ve Notice several RPGs are being delayed… All sourse say it should have came out but No one has a copy. So far I’ve been Keeping an Eye on the Namco ones… I’d know it’s not you or me

… That SNES with Boxed (FF) Mysic Quest Legends seems so tempting. (Yeah, I found one)

It’s been delayed until December something.

There seems to be something a little messed up with the releases this week. There were conflicting release dates (like store systems said that they got certain games were released, but they didn’t receive any). Hell, I had a hell of a time getting DQ8.

Same here… At least I can buy Soul Calabur on UK’s Release Date… If I had enough and wasn’t pay for food last week. I’m expecting a return somewere.

… I just had a vision where the main characters of the game, instead of being cowboys/girls, were canadian mounties O_o;

Thanks a lot for the imagery, Cid XD

I called the store today but nobody answered. Was it closed? I think I read somewhere that Electronics Boutique and Gamestop where merging…

I checked both Gamestop and EB’s websites and there was no mention of a merger- OR of Wild Arms F. Well, EB’s offering it but people are posting their complaints about it not being available. So I guess the game IS delayed.

Figures that the first I game I try to buy in almost two years would be delayed. Again. > <

It arrived at all EB/Gamestop’s in the north Texas area today, and I purchased it. DQ8 is keeping me from playing it for now, though. It IS available, though.

And for proof on the EB/Gamestop merger, check the store locator on either of their websites.

An update: It’s STILL not out in Canada. >_< My local EB Games says it’s got it pegged at December 1st.

I bought it just now. The graphics look pretty nice, though I don’t like how the facial expressions are fixed.

Update: I FINALLY got thru to my Gamestop store (apparently they’d given me the number of one of their older stores, I had to look up the new one) and yes, it’s finally available here, I’ll hopefully get it tomorrow (store is in another town.) Expect my comments soon.