Wild Arms III

Well i bought the game (WAIII) last friday and i’m still to play it. I left the PS2 at my other house the weekend before and now I’m too lazy to get it back because it’s a 2 hour drive each way (4 hours in total). I’ll probably go there some time next week, anyway, while i won’t go pick it up i would like to see what you think about it. Please, no spoilers (or rather, mark the spoilers). Thank yous :wave:

Good game. It’ll keep you hooked until the end, at least it did for me.

Love the story, HATE the battles and the lack of heal berries. That last one really, really, really spoiled the game for me.


That damn garden was the only way to get more heal berries and it took so long to grow them!

It’s a really good game. Like RPT said, if you like games in terms of their plots, WA3 should be one of your favorites.

In my opinion it’s the best Wild Arms game. Which is saying shit because the Wild Arms series is just about my least favorite series EVER

Yes, it’s a great game. Good characters, animation and systems. But, as the others said:

Make sure you find and cultivate the Secret Garden ASAP, or you’ll run out of healing berries in many Boss battles. To find it, use horses and go to Mountain that has a forest near it, at the east edge of the central continent.

A fantastic game, with great plot, cool graphics and neat music. I found the battles to be alright, the horseback battle concept is innovative and fun.

Apart from a compulsive wish to throw the controller through the screen everytime I see a certain red-haired train attendant, fabulous game.

But Tony was just doing his job!

Yeah, stopping girls from entering certain train cars… twitch DIE!!

And now to wreck the thread:

“And that is precisely the reason this car is off limits to all passengers.”

I refuse to take notice, and will just assume I never saw those words.

Actually, I got told of a trick to get a load of heal berries, haven’t tested it yet but it’s worth trying if you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to lack of healing. But you’ll need 31 heal berries first. ducks
Okay, first you sow one of the berries. Then you sacrifice the other 30 to breeding. Now go to Baskar and sleep for twenty times. Go back to the garden and you’ll have 99 berries waiting.
Again, I’m not 100% sure if this works so save before you hand out the berries…

Well, Weiila, you seem to be coping well. chuckles

Shhh… meditating to make the badness go awaaay…

You…said…the…words…you…evil…evil…EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL PERSON!!! breaks into tears THE MEMORIES, THE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MEMORIES Ooooof when I used to be staff :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i’ve only played Wild Arms II, and that one put me so off from the entire series that I doubt i’ll ever play WAIII.