Wild Arms Code F


It’ll also have a direct sequel to it (not a remake of WA2) with which you can load up your previous save. Very interesting.

Why did they give the characters stupider names?

Jack’s the only one that changed (he’s now Zakk). They already had last names in the 1st and I don’t think they changed it.

Definitely looks very cool. Sin, those names aren’t the same as they were in the original (Rody vs. Rudy, for example) but trust me, that’s just 'cause the game is still in Japanese. 8p When it comes out they’ll be transliterated correctly. It’s just bad Engrish.

My bad.

That truly looks supersweet. :slight_smile: I hope that it makes it over to this desolate gaming land where sportsgames haunt the crying RPG lovers with misery.

Also, at RPGfan they say that in the brand new WA game, one of the leading characters will be a girl with silver hair. Is anybody else than me starting to think that people really are related between games?
… I’m gonna get lynched when I write that fic claiming that Clive is a descendant of Zed.

I agree. I’m more willing to try this that the UH-RIGGED-INAL… or something…

Also if I remember right Jack’s surname was Van Burace. But that should be all cleared up when it gets here.

I just so want to play this game, since I still have and play Wild Arms. And this just looks so much cooler, yet still the same. If you know what I mean.



So let me get this straight…this is a remake of the 1st Wild Arms with mucho enhancements?


Or… substantially. (I just felt like adding that :P)

Looks really good.

Ooh…drools I’m definitely getting that.

Those damn EX File Keys are taking forever in WA3 though. :ah-ha!:

You guys just know I’m going to get this and worship it, right?

Damn well better have Zed and Boomerang (and more of both!).

And if Sony sends us five copies to hand out in a contest, I feel that I express the emotions of the entire staff when I say:

<big><b>Caption Constest and DEATH!!</big></b>

Am I the only one here who’s never played a WA game? What am I missing?

This, my dear Pierson:

“Hey! Someone who I can talk to! If we speak the same language, maybe we were meant to be together!” <b>-A horse</b>

“Here I am, dripping with talent, ready to do battle!” <b>-Zed</b>, who also has said “Here I am! The Grim Reaper’s pen pal! The ultimate Macho Man!”

“Whatever.” <b>-Jet</b>

“Geez… why does everybody hate us?”
“Well, bro… we have no social graces, just like the boss…” <b>Dario and Romero, reacurring bosses</b>

“Then what do you suggest we do!? Summon a superhero to kick his butt?” <b>-Maya</b>

Weiila, don’t forget “And that is precisely the reason why this car is off limits to all passengers.”