Wild ARMs 4.

Okay, I got this game on Tuesday, the day it came out, and while I’m only about 10 or so hours in, I thought I’d share my views on it. Spoilers are practically nonexistant.

Frankly, this game is pretty sub-par so far. It’s taken lots of leaps away from the normal Wild ARMs Gameplay, and done things that I’m not sure I like.

The Characters are so-so. None of them seem that special to me. But then, I have issues with characters who are all kids. Seriously. The oldest of the four is 19. YOungest is 13, and the leader of their merry group. It just doesn’t seem right. I will give, however, that they at least know they’re kids and aren’t trying to act like they’re heroes. THey’re kids, they don’t know everything, and they’re going to make a shitload of mistakes. That’s how they seem to work, and I like that.

The plot is… well, it’s there, I guess. Mostly, it’s just been standard “running from the bad guys” kinda stuff you see. I wish I could expand on it, but I can’t think of anything to say. I will say, however, that the antagonists, the “Brionac” Unit, are the most amusing band of retards I have ever seen in a game. I’m more excited about them than anything else in the game.

There are no individual tools anymore. Just tools you can pick up in dungeons to complete the puzzles within - and they’re not very complex puzzles. Think Zelda-style block puzzles or something, instead of the normal WA fare.

The Battle System is… interesting. It’s not the traditional Turn-based system it’s always been. It’s more comperable to Final Fantasy 10, I’d say. And everything is positioned on a Hexagon. Seven hexagons to make one larger hex, which you and the enmies can move on. It can be fun, but dear lord, the enemies can do so much damage to you. I have never seen the game over screen so many times in an RPG. At least not this early in the game.

Graphics are okay. Standard WA fare. Music, however, doesn’t sound right. Apparently Michiko naruke, the Goddess who did all the music to the series up to date, had “hewlp” On WA4. I don’t even remember the names of the other 3 or so composers. All I know is, none of the music does anything for me. Except the opening song.

My final thoughts? THis game is fun, and I like it… but it would have been a much better game, if it weren’t a Wild ARMs game. Like with Chrono Cross, and how it could have been an okay game if it weren’t trying to ride Chrono Trigger’s coattails.

Oh, jsut another note: THis game has a mario-style sidescrolling platformer in it. It’s remarkably fun. That is all.

I want it…but…I…have…no…money.tear

I wouldn’t worry too much about money - it wasn’t that expensive when I got it brand new, and I’d bet anything that you’ll see plenty of used copies soon enough.

I got it today. Haven’t played it yet though, I think I may be a little sick. I found it for $40 at the EB games.

I might be able to swing 40…maybe.

I got a copy for $40 too. Haven’t played it and won’t for awhile. I still need to complete WA 2 and 3.

You’ll want to complete Alter Code: F first, too. There’s transferrable data from the gsmes. Nothing too big - you get a few useful items, a quick gellas boost at the beginning, new treasures and stuff as the gasme goes on… The Gella boost is nice. Nothing that maskes the gasme too cheap - it’s only an extra 2000 gella or so. But it’s useful, so early in the game.

Yeah, I’m a wee bit afraid to play it since WA2 and 3 are absolutley wretched and I’m not really up for playing another godawful RPG.

WA3 wasn’t wretched! I loved that game! It had horses! HORSES!

I second that. WA3 was a breath of fresh air after WA2. And it was a pretty good stand-alone game, to boot. Nobody’s going to defend WA2, though.

WA3 sucked. The storyline was pathetic, they destroyed what would have been an awesome end-boss, the game SHOULD have ended shorty after Yggdrasil as the story basically morphs into CRAP after that point and I’m not a huge fan of how the ENTIRE game was dungeon crawling. You finish a dungeon, go to the next town and then go to another dungeon. No variety at all. There’s also the fact that the final boss had what? Sixteen forms and I got bored after four.

That being said I may rent WA4 and I wish to know what the alleged platforming aspects are like before I spend the money.

Jango: That’s all Wild ARMs games for you. 8p Seriously, they’re all dungeon crawlers. WA1 started it off with something like 20 different dungeons (all of them longer than the WA3 counterparts). None of them have anything resembling a good story. You play them for the gameplay, that’s all, and I’ve consistently enjoyed that part of them. I found it a lot of fun if you ignored the sappy story. I liked the Western theme too.

Jango, Val was telling me about it earlier. I’ll just copy what I was told.

When I say mario-style, I mean, the differences between this and original Mario are minor. It’s literally two-dimensional, with you moving only in the traditional four directions. The boards aren’t laid out perfectly flat, but the goal is always the same: Get from one side to the other before the timer runs out. Along the way, you need to smash these 10 Wooden Crates to get more points. They aren’t neccesary, but they are essentiual for a high score. Also, you get prizes for how well you do. I got 4 Ambrosia and 4 Level Apples easily from it when I first played it.

Nobody’s going to defend WA2, though.

Err, Saturn, have you looked at my Favorite Game listing? :slight_smile:


No, really, it’s a close call, but after replaying the game recently (with my 5-year-old nephew, to booth!) I realized I haven’t enjoyed any RPG as much as I did WA2. Of course, I’m a Heroic Fiction fan, and Heroism IS the subject of WA2. If only the dialogue and graphics had been a little better, it would’ve been the perfect game to me. : )

I’m with Will in defending WA2. The first game was my favorite, but I still like the second a great deal more than the third. The third had good characters, setting, and decent story, but certain aspects of the gameplay absolutely ruined the game for me. Having to worry about heal berries was the major thing. “Hey, instead of concentrating on making a great story, let’s set it up so that the player has to be anxious and worried about running out of items for the first half of the game! Yeah! Brilliant!”

The other thing was the encounter gauge. If you missed picking up a migrant seal or two, you were absolutely screwed and were stuck fighting a battle every few seconds.

Okay, I stand corrected. Some people will defend Wild ARMs 2, I’m just not one of them. :smiley:

RPT: As opposed to, say, every other RPG in existence, where you had to do that ALL THE TIME? 8p
I actually didn’t have too much of a problem with the Heal Berries… I never came close to running out. They gave you plenty of them.

Every other RPG in existence had stores that sold HP-restoring items early-on.
(Well, not every other, WA2 didn’t have any till Odd HQ.)

Well, unless you mean the encounter rate thing, but WA3’s felt pretty high, so that’s probably why it feels like so many. (Not as bad as FF9 though, holy crap.)

Yes, I was referring to the encounter rate. And it’s not as high as WA1’s was, for one.