Wild ARMs 3

Can someone give me the title and lyrics of teh song in the intro?

From silentduelist’s FAQ on GameFAQs:

Advanced Wind - US English Version

A change in time
I finally made up my mind
I raise my hand from beneath the shifting sand
And embrace the winds of change

Suddenly, everything is up to me
The pages turn, flashing full of memories
I can see all too clear
The time has come to face my fear

And there’s a fire burning in my heart
Just shine when all is torn apart
And I will make it through this desert storm
Safe and warm

My shield is strong
I’ll take my chances here and now
Bring on the fight
I’ll find a way to win somehow
No, tomorrow’s no regret
I’ll risk it all for this brand new day

Many thanks, Dalton.

BTW, when I saw that guy that was in your previous avvie, my first thought was “Hey, that’s the guy from DoZ’s avvie.”

My second thought being, of course, “Holy crap, look at that 'fro!”

Yep, his name is Todd Dukakis. He’s the afro-swordsman/butler for Maya Schrodedinger. 8)

By the way, anything else WA3 related that needs answering here?

Err…yeah. I’m going to start playing the game again soon. Could you give me a brief summary of what I need to do to get my garden going (last thing I remember doing is going through a dungeon where you first see Maya in witch form. Which was really cheesy-cool, I thought).

Oh, something I forgot to mention earlier…

I listened to Advanced Wind again shortly after checking the lyrics, and I think there’s a slight mistake.

i think that the second-to-last line is supposed to be “No tommorows, no regrets”.

Well, you need a horse first. Then, find the garden, RPT. After that, you should be sent on a mission to stop the spreading decay or something. So, search south of the garden to find a dungeon. You go through it then have to escape with the ring from the dungeon. I believe it prevent ECN recovery and endurance recovery. Anyway, I suggest having lots of Light Stones or light magic first since the monsters can be tough for the early levels but have light weaknesses.