Wild Arms 3

Just bought the game for $10.00 CDN. Didn’t start yet. What should I expect? Any starting tips?

When you first get the chance, unlock the Secret Garden (it can be unlocked pretty early on). Since you can’t buy healing items, it’s needed.

Also, expect the game to feel like it should’ve ended after the 2nd chapter then drag on for another two random ass chapters.

All in all, it’s a damn good game, I think. If you want good advice, pester Dalton of Zeal. He’s RPGC’s residant WA authority. Be sure to check out the shrine.

Man, 10.00 CDN? You got ripped, man. I would have given you my copy for free, although I would have made you pay shipping and handling. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find that it gets better over time.

I tended to heal using spells instead of berries, since they’re hard to get. Don’t rest on hotels, it causes shifts on your Luck level. Do the Secret Garden quest ASAP.

I liked the characters, and the combat graphics. The ending is kinda confusing, but the Final Boss is pretty original (conceptually I mean.) The unexpected use of a character from WA1 is interesting (but it’s NOT the same person, it’s a new version.) The Child’s Storybook Quest involves a tale featuring a WA2 character, nothing important but it’s a surprisingly moving and well-told story.

Best use of the Schrodinger’s Cat concept I’ve seen.

We finally learn what those @#$%ing Orchid-shaped monsters that turn up on EVERY WA games are.

And where else do you get to sail on a freakin’ ocean of QUICKSAND?

Conclusion: Pretty good game overall. Thought the last part needed work.

Oh, and the final music theme RAWKS. I’m listening to it currently.

It’s pretty fun (I like the puzzles, like most WA games). The battles tend to be too easy and the subquests tend to be too tedious, and the story is best ignored, but all in all it’s still a fun game. :sunglasses:

And that is precisely the reason that car is off limits to all passengers. :runaway:

I don’t think that Chapter 2 would have been a proper ending. Not only would it have made the game too short, it wouldn’t have allowed for the further development of Gallows, Clive, and Werner.

For some odd reason I thought you guys were talking about WA4… I was like, where the hell did you guys get the U.S. version of WA4? :fungah:

Didn’t play it much, but so far, I like it. Only cleared Jet’s and Clive’s scenario. Meh, 10 bucks seems like a good deal to me.

I can give you most of Chapter 3 then. Chapter 4 was just out of the blue.

I loved Wild Arms 3, I felt it was a big improvement over 2. The battle system was solid, the storyline moved kind of quickly, and there was LOTS of battling and dungeons, which is the way a RPG should be sometimes IMO. It’s not good for those that love graphics and storyline over gameplay, but it’s a great game for gameplay freaks like myself.


Are you THE Psycho Penguin?

I guess so? What does that mean? lol

Well, you’re the guy who wrote all those FAQs at GameFAQs. In other words, I’m inspired by your work. 8)

Oh, as for WA3, This particular shrine page should be useful to you (the section on Heal Berries is VERY important!). If you have any questions, ask here, and either I or anyone else will answer them as soon as possible.

Yeah, that’d be me then. I’ve seen you post at GameFAQs before (usually on the WA2 board… surprise, surprise) and always wanted to talk to you since you seem to know your stuff.

I just finished the Lunatic Garden (Chapter 2). The game is fun, and so far, Clive is my favourite character. Clive owns >_>;;

I just finished the game a few days ago, and did the Abyss last night, took me until 6 a.m. but it was well worth it. Definatly a good game.

Question though, does anyone know the name of the song when you fight Janus/Asgard?

That song is called “Crossfire Sequence”. I love that song.

You should also expect a lot of variations on the color brown. So much we used to call the game Brown ARMs 3 at times.