Wild ARMs 3

Sleep, huh? I’ll try that as soon as I’m done dinner. I usually attack the Red one first, then move onto white, then blue. So uh… yeah; thanks Dalton.

When does Janus really die?

The dungeon “Yggdrasil”, about halfway through the game.

I really like his character, it’s just that he just won’t die.

About Yggdrasil, isn’t that Bart’s battleship in Xenogears?

Yes, but Yggdrasil is a commonly used name in RPGs.

Really? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve only seen it twice; but I’ve only played a small selection of RPGs. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take your word on it however.

Anyways, I saw a pre-owned copy of Wild ARMs in an EBGames near my school for 20$. I’m thinking of picking it up. But my friend said he saw unopened Wild ARMs 1 & 2 in another EBGames for about the same price.

Taking names from mythologoy, especially Norse mythology (which WA3 does a crapload of), is actually quite common in RPGs, Setz.

Thanks 984! Just by chance, is Cid also a Norse word? It appears in a lot of RPGs, even non-Final Fantasies.

Anyways, I’m thinking of picking up Wild ARMs today. I hope it’s still there!

Luck can be helped if you progress a bit. Tiny flower is the key.

I’ve never seen Cid in a non-FF game. Anyway, look at the FF Compendium’s Name Origin section for where it comes from.

Cubic Inches Displaced. >.>


What he means is that you can raise your Luck by one level by using a Tiny Flower on a character. However, Tiny Flowers are very rare, so it’d be best to save them for planting in the Secret Garden for later in the game.

But, doesn’t luck change randomly throughout the game? If it’s rare, then why use it for nothing? Garden? I’ve heard of it, but not sure when I enounter it in the game.

It does change randomly during the game, but it only seems to do so after you sleep at an Inn or after your character is KOed in battle.

To be honest with you though, Tiny Flowers aren’t all that useful. Having Best luck is certainly a positive thing, but having low luck isn’t going to make or break an important battle. The one thing you’ll want to have high Luck for is Pickpocketing rare items off of certain enemies, but even then, you can just use a certain Personal Skill to keep your luck at Best.

I’m assuming you’re at Little Rock now? You can access the Garden now, but the dungeon you’ll have to complete to open the Gardening sidequest will be far too difficult for your team at this point of the game. Wait until you reach Humphrey’s Peak.

Little Rock? Nope. I’m still on the Hscarls. :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t progressed.