Wild ARMs 3

Yeah; this will be my WA3 thread, 'cause I’m bound to get stuck everytime a new objective is set.

Okay. My destination is the Little Twister, or some town similar to that name, and it says I have to go far-west, past a crevice in the earth? Near a beach? I’d check the shrine, if there actually was a shrine, for the World Map, and I won’t bother with GFAQs, 'cause ever since they changed the look from awesome to right down laggish and sloppy; I don’t go there anymore.

So yeah; where is Little Twister?

It’s far to west, past a crevice in the earth.

Sorry, anyway, it’s been a while since I played it…hmm, what was it? Are you riding a horse? I remember that you have to jump over the crevice while your character’s on a horse, and then well, keep on going and you’ll eventually find it.

I remember quite a while back that I was looking through the shrines being worked on and I saw that there was one for WA3. If ya check back over there you might find something. Oh, and I don’t see the deal with the layout change, or why that would stop you from going but I better stay on topic.

Back in like, 2002, Gamefaqs had a better layout. Then the fools changed it. It lags much more now.

Horses can jump? And on the overworld?

Edit: Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t know? Woah, I was just about to say you have to feed them carrots first…weird Zelda: OoT memories popped up right there.

Anyway, yeah, I think that it might’ve been mentioned before…it’s kind of a pain though, try to look straight at the crevice, put as good amount a distance you can manage and ride it right to the crevice, just don’t change direction or you’ll lost momentum.

Hope I helped.

And that you did!

I’m the shrine maintainer, you know. The shrine IS done, aside from a few layout fixes.

No, no, no. I’m talking about GameFAQs, not the shrine. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the misunderstanding. :stuck_out_tongue: Whoah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and by the way Dalton; thanks for giving me a link to that strategy against Janus. I didn’t use Virginia, nor Gallows except for status-affecting spells, and healing. It was quite easy too! :smiley:

Do you reccomend a specific medium-configuration about the first 4? I’m having a hard time keeping one medium on one character; thinking I might find the ultimate combination.

Sorry for flipping out on you there then. It’s just that I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time putting that shrine together, especially when writing the strategies.

Here’s what I use.

Virginia: Gale Claw (increases her speed even moreso)
Clive: Earth Roar (equip him with the Defender PSS to protect other characters)
Jet: Fiery Rage (increases his already high ATT stat)
Gallows: Aqua Wisp (Extend + Heal is a good combination)

However, remember that you can switch setups in battle! So if you’re ever needing a different setup in a pinch (for example, you might want to give Gallows a certain Arcana), you can do so without using a turn! Very useful when you want to Extend a spell like Turbulence or something, but your current setup doesn’t allow it.

Yeah, I used that strategy in the battle against Janus. When Jet would die (he had that fire medium), I wouldn’t be able to use Revive. So I just switched it to a living character, and used Revive. Therefore, I don’t have to waste my Revive Fruits, which are oh so rare at this point in the game.

Currently, I have…

Virginia; Aqua Wisp.
Clive; Gale Claw.
Jet; Fiery Rage.
Gallows; Earth Roar.

It seems to be working well; but sometimes it doesn’t come out right. The luck for all my characters range from Worst, to Bad.

Luck can’t be helped. It shifts around throughout the game whenever you sleep at an inn (amongst other times) regardless of your Medium setup.

You have a good thing going there with the Gallows + Earth Roar combination. You’ll be able to Extend + Protect or Shield!

Anyways, feel free to use the shrine if you need help, but if the shrine doesn’t answer your questions, ask away!

The shrine isn’t listed on the main site; mind giving me a link? I took a brief overlook on it the last time I saw it; it’s coming along well! I’m hoping to start a shrine as well; but I am at a loss of avaliable games to shrine. All the RPGs I have are already shrined, or reserved to be shrined. I really wanted to shrine Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, but at the time, it was reserved. :<


Thanks for the compliments!

If you do intend to shrine a game eventually, I’d be happy to help you out along the way.

I bow my head to you, sir.

I’m pretty fine with typing it out; and getting images. But I’m absolutely clueless to this web-design stuff. Actually, I’ll look over the page about shrining. If there is a game I have that is avaliable, I’ll drop an e-mail over to shrine it; right now. :>

Edit: I hate you Jango.

Sorry for the double post, but no one’d respond if I just editted my above post.

I found Little Twister, and went to that ruin, I think it was called The Unclean Mark, or something. Anyways, I got pretty far, up to when you fight that Robed Woman… I noticed a pattern in her attacking. She’d only attack Clive, really. So I’d just attack with Jet & Gallows, and revive Clive with Virginia. So, it was pretty easy. Then I went into the fight with Janus. I uh… did well, until he used Negative Rainbow. So, I need a strategy for it. I’m not underlevelled, considering I beat the previous bosses with ease; I’m level 14 for all.

The best strategy is to throw up your hands and block with your weaker team members whenever Janus uses Negative Rainbow: he’ll use it during the first turn, and then he’ll use it every two turns from that point forward. Lower his defense with Fragile, and be prepared to be counterattacked every now and then. You might want to hold off attacking him entirely during his Negative Rainbow turns.

If you need to Mystic a Heal Berry item to cure up your team, do it. Fights like this one are what Berries are made for!

If only Force Abilities didn’t consume FP like Arcana… :stuck_out_tongue: I see in the shrine X values, and Y values for map co-ordinates? How would you come about finding out where you’re located? I didn’t buy a map; but my friend did (I introduced him to the game, said he really liked it) and it doesn’t look that great. I did however, buy horses.

Anyways, I’ll retry it again tonight, if I get a chance. By the way, Dalton, where can I find the OST for WA3? I really like the soundtrack.

If you purchase the World Screen from Roykman, you can view a full-screen world map by pressing the Select button. On this screen, you’ll see a value listed for X and a value listed for Y. These are your current co-ordinates.

Later on in the game, you’ll find another map item that allows you to walk around the World Map with the co-ordinates in the bottom right corner of the screen. Very helpful for narrowing things down!

If you’ve been finding locations just fine on your own, then don’t worry too much about the co-ordinate system. It’s very helpful for later in the game when you’re seeking out the items and other things strewn about the world.

As for the OST, www.gamemusic.com come has it, and there are places to download it off FTP like any other soundtrack (of course, securing an FTP connection is another matter entirely!) Obviously, I have the soundtrack as well. 8)

Awesome. How much is the latter map? I don’t want to blow 5k on some map right now, when I could get a better one at possibly a better price later in the game.

So I’m assuming I won’t find the soundtrack offline?

You know, I’m not used to double posting. In fact, the previous forum I used to frequent made that their main rule; no double posting. There were, of course, still double posting. Actually, I think they should make a version of V-bulletin that bumps a topic when it’s editted.

Okay. I’m fighting those knight dude, the Hscarl or something? Anyways, I beat the first fight; was pretty easy. Then I made my way onto the second fight; pretty easy, but for some reason, I had more difficulty. Then the green guy came. I don’t get it. All my characters died in 3-4 turns, and by turns, I mean complete cycles.

I’m level 16 for all characters, and the battles around the Sand Canal are pretty easy. But this boss fight is much more difficult.

I don’t know if I missed something, but I heard something of a lighthouse? An undergroud sewer? I went straight from <s>Titty</s> Little Twister right to the Sand Canal. I don’t know if there is something inbetween you have to do… a suggestion Dalton, maybe show the reccomended level for the characters in your shrine? I don’t have a clue if I’m underlevelled or not.

The second map item is free. You’ll find it in an easy to find treasure chest.

As for the Huskarls, the easiest way to beat them is to simply focus everything you have on the red one so that it chooses to heal rather than use Deathbringer. Then, when the green one shows up, cast Sleep on it, because it’s 100% susceptible to it. Attack the red one while the green one is asleep, and you shouldn’t have to worry about taking very much damage.

The reason I hadn’t put suggested levels was simply because it never really occured to me. But it’s a good idea! Thank you.