Wild Arms 3 question

Just wondering where I can get my paws on more Lucky Cards. I just finished the Sacrificial Altar and I’m plumb out of them. I’m not really interested in doing either the Abyss or Telepath Tower quests (one is long and boring, the other is long and requires much higher experience levels than the 52 or so I have now). Ideas?

By the way, this is my second playthrough and I finally caught the reference for Shady in the last dungeon he appears in. He talks about being summoned and stuck in a box while people do experiments on him. This means, of course, that he is the famed Schroedinger’s Cat. It’s based on a quantum experiment proposed by Erwin Schroedinger, a contemporary of Einstein. One of the big quantum discoveries is that for a quantum particle, until it is observed, all it is is one big probability. He said that if you stick a cat in a box along with a quantum particle that can break a vial of poison (by decaying) which would kill the cat, until we open the box the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

Well, other than treasure chests in upcoming dungeons, you can grt some from some of the enemies in Sunset Peak. If you don’t know how to get there you have to get the Teleport Orb first then go to the Southfarm tain station and get a ticket to the East Highlands and you’ll just kinda end up there.
Just a warning, the enemies there are somewhat tough if you’re underleveled and i forget what a good level to be there is, so save before you go.

Him is right, but technically, I wouldn’t really recommend going there because of the Zonedike enemies that use an attack that reduces your EXP.

If you’re looking to level build, the best way to do so isn’t by using Lucky Cards, except for during the boss battles throughout the game. Seeing as that you are where you are, you should probably take down the Telepath Towers, which I’m pretty sure you could defeat at your level.

The easiest way to defeat the towers is as follows; head to Den of Miasma or Doomed to Obscurity or any place with damage floors. Now, continually step on the dangerous terrain until your HP hits 1 for each character (when the damage done by the floor comes up as 0, you’ll know you’re there). Then use a Heal Berry or two on each character to get them all up to about 401 HP. Save your game, and begin the hunting. Start the first turn of each Tower battle with an Extension + Status Lock spell, then follow up with an Extension + Permanence. Afterwards, just start casting Valiant on your team members while everyone else attacks, and when someone is Valianted, have them Gatling one of the towers you haven’t hit yet.

Due to Valiant, each of your characters will be doing a good thousand or couple thousand damage per hit, and due to Permanence, Valiant will never run out. Your HP will be in a safe zone, though you should probably heal it up a bit if it drops below 300. Status Lock will protect you from their status ailment attacks, and of course, due to Permanence, you’ll be protected the entire battle.

Once you defeat enough of them, you can start battling Creeping Chaoses, who are very easy to level up on. 8)

No, I don’t want to level build. You should know me better than that. 8p I never want to level build.
I like Lucky Cards because they’re essentially free EXP. If I can’t get them then I’ll ignore them and just keep going as is.