Is that cat in your avatar doing drugs? His eyes are too big to be natural.

That’s an animated cat from the movie “Shrek 2” named “Paws…in boots!”.

no, Puss… in boots.

When I listen to his speak, I definitly hear him say “Paws”, not Puss.

It’s cause he talks funny. But it should be Puss, since it’s a fairy tale. My brother’s seen the film somehow, and it isn’t out in the UK yet. I blame my neighbour.

Those are his super-cute kitty eyes, his secret weapon. And it most definately is Puss in Boots.

:too bad; Curses you Wil, I was gonna have him as my avatar sometime after I saw the movie. runs after Wil with a frying pan

Hey, I didn’t know Antonio Banderas did the voice for Puss in Boots. He did a pretty awesome job. In fact, now that I look at it theres a lot of big names doing voices.

It’s Puss in Boots, based of the Fairy tale of the same name.

That’s the play they perform in Furi Kuri!

I forgot that “puss in boots” was an actual fairy tale, and i was like “hey! they are parodying FLCL!”

But then i realised the truth, and was disappointed.

Gunsmoke: Don’t worry, I’m NOT going to be using him for long, it’s just part of this week’s “Wilfredo’s Avatar Adventures”.

And yes, Banderas mispronounced the name, probably on purpose. PiB was very funny, even if he was NO real challenge for Shrek (some ogre slayer!) Go see the movie, folks, it IS funny!

Nah use it all you like, not as if i know where you live so I can really come after you with a frying pan or something :get it?:

Anyhow keep using it for however you want to hugs the avatar I wanna see that movie amongst others ;_;