I’m sure you’ve all heard of <A HREF=“”>Wikipedia</A>, the online wiki-based encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Heck, you may have even used it in a school paper or something. Well, out of boredom, I decided to look up RPGC in wikipedia, and discovered that it’s mentioned <A HREF=“”>five times</a> (for the Battle of Olympus shrine, the Chrono Trigger shrine, the Actraiser shrine, the Super Mario RPG shrine, and the Bahamut Lagoon shrine).

Of course, that’s nothing to me, since I got my <A HREF=“”>own entry</A> at wikipedia… so there.


My entry can kick your entry’s ass.

BTW, if Wil is seeing this, can you stop spelling it as Seraphym? I know it’s used like that somewhere but it’s really obscure and nobody knows it.

We’re famous. Hurrah!


I don’t see Ephyon in that entry, Seraphym.

My first reaction to Wikipedia was suspicion. I mean, surely most things posted there would be terribly biased, mispelled, or even intentionally wrong?

But to my surprise, I’ve found most of the articles to be VERY well done, full of links that corroborate the information, and written in an objective way, as true Encyclopedia articles would be. Of course, despite being open to the public, they have EDITORS who make sure the rules are followed. You can still find skimpy or poorly-worded articles, but there are also people whose job is to seek and correct (or eliminate) those. Plus, it covers an AMAZING spectrum of topics, both classical and bizarre (the english version of the site alone has over 550,000 articles!!) I LOVE the fact that most articles have links within the text so that if you run into an unfamiliar term, you can just click and be taken to another article that explains it. And if you are ever annoyed by some detail you think is incorrect, you can always correct it yourself! Take that, Britannica! :hahaha;

I like Wikipedia so much, in fact, that I’ve made it my homepage. That way, I get every day: a list of the (important) world news, a list of historical events that happened on this date, and random examples of Wikipedia articles. Plus links to a variety of means to search the database, of course.

But, have I contributed anything to Wikipedia? You might say so…


And Seraph: Sorry, but as you said, that alternate spelling of Seraphim is valid. I’ll call you just Seraph from now on, K?

That’s because Ephyon is a misspelling.

Wikipedia rocks. Only there can you find articles on everything from historical figures to obscure movies to breakfast cereals.

<a href=“”>devil</a> + <a href=“”>lion</a> = win :smiley:

This is so cool.
They even use my avatar.

You are absolutely right. It is an excellent encyclopedia.

Seraphim you are such an angel :wink:

trigun :3
“As the series progresses, more is gradually learned about Vash’s mysterious history and the history of human civilization on Gunsmoke, the alien desert planet the series is set on.”
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GSM I’m popular!

my page blows all ya’ll out of the water

well I don’t have a page so there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whoot. :slight_smile:

Man, I was really hoping the Charlemagne article would have had a picture of Charlemagne dying from <A HREF=“”>Eternal Darkness</A>.

I couldn’t find anyone that was quite me, but this guy used my surname

Gilgamesh was in Xena?