Wiimote on PC games.

Those who own a wii already know what the wiimote can do. Double the fun when you discover the Wiimote is using bluetooth, and you can use it for your PC games. Its been done before.
On Half Life 2
On WoW
On a Star Wars game
On Need for Speed

To use your Wiimote with the PC, you’ll need the following
-A wiimote.
-Probably a nunchuck.
-Sensor Bar. I suggest http://www.wirelesssensorbar.com/ Or candles :stuck_out_tongue:
-A bluetooth adapter
-The program glovePIE.

Ragnarok Online
I dont see it happening. Because I use battlemode so friggin much, and there’s too many skills to use for the wiimote. I dont either want to compromise my account. But it might be good. A good setup without the nunchuck would be using the wiimote as a mouse. A = Left click, B = Right click. -/+ would be the zoom. Maybe use button 1/2 for inventory and status. The D-Pad would be the hotkeys to the most used skills. F1-F4, maybe? with a nunchuck, the analog stick would be a camera, Z the most used skill (SG), and C the phen switch.
Setup 2:
Mouse/Movement : Nunchuk
Left-Click/Right Click: Z/C
Main skill (SG): A
Secondary skill (Phen switch): B

World of Warcraft
Now we’re talking. Nunchuck required. the analog stick would be for WASD movement. A, B, C & Z for skills. Wiimote pointing act as a mouse, and the skills keybinded would be mouse-over casting macros. Like that you wouldn’t have to tab and target for every cast. Point, and click. For my mage, the setup would be
A= Frost Bolt
B= Ice Block/cancel script, Cold snap, Iceblock.
Z= Frost Nova
C= Ice Barrier
Nunchuck foward trust could be a blink. D-Pad would be buffs. Like Ice Barrier, or AI. Again, 1/2 would be inventory and character screen. I need to add the Water Elemental summon/aggro script in there.

DnD Online
Very much alike WoW, but with a major difference that would make this the best Wii setup. In DDO, attacking is made by right clicking. If we could have the function on wiimote slashes, t’ll become very Zelda-like. Blocking on Z, using Z and the analog Stick together would tumble. A and B would become action buttons. 1/2 Same thing. Inventory and Status screen.

Eve Online
A strange setup for a strange game. EVE use alot of clicking and micro-menagement. A single wiimote could do the trick, with A for clicking, and B for weapons. -/+ could be acceleration/deceleration. Complex programming could allow the wiimote as a pilot , using tilts to direct the ship’s direction, adding to the fun. The D-pad could be used on often used commands such as Approach, Orbit, Keep Range, Attack. Adding the nunchuck, we could use the C button for drones (Send/Call back), and Z for them to attack target. Analog stick, maybe a camera

Half Life, Doom, CS, Halo, UT, and various FPS

The wiimote would feel at home here. Using both the analog stick and the wiimote pointer feels as natural as the keyboard/mouse setup. I could forsee using the -/+ as a zoomin/out for sniper weapons. A is action button, B is the trigger. Z is left-hand trigger. As for the rest, it’ll depend on the games.

Starcraft, Warcraft, Command & Conquer, and various RTS
I can only think of a few things that would make it viable. D-pad as group callup (Ctrl-1/4), A is left-click, B is right/click. -/+ is camera zoom in/out, again. 1/2, too vague to decide. But the micromenagement needed for most RTS, most players would prefer the keyboard.

I just have to add this: GlovePIE now supports the classic controller. If they dont release some games on the Virtual Console, I’m definatly using my PC for them.

Well, this makes me happy because then some PC games could be made to use the Wiimote as well!

I would love to use the Wiimote in a fencing game, on Wii or PC.

Just now tested it on a couple of emulators. Works like a glove. OoT is actually pretty damn good when you can control it like Twilight. :smiley:

After much reflexion, I believe this would be a better setup for RO.
Mouse/Movement: Nunchuk
Left-Click/Right Click: Z/C
Main skill (SG): A
Secondary skill (Phen switch): B
The rest are the same as posted.

Isn’t it funny that they use Penny Arcade’s recommendation? ^ ^


I dont know for Penny Arcade’s recommendation, but I do know my cat gnawed my sensor bar’s cable. This will come just handy.

Sounds like a cat, alright. Mine got tangled the other day in the pc cables and incurred the wrath of heavens (speakers) upon it. Luckily the heavens needed practice with their aim.