I think I’m getting a Wii for christmas, but I’m not really sure about what games to procure for it. Besides Guitar Hero or Rockband, if there were two games you had to have for the Wii - what are they?

Super Mario Galaxy is really fun if you’re a fan of Super Mario 64.

Metroid Prime 3 is… decent. I still like the first two (yes, even Echoes) better, but the control scene works great on the Wii. It’s just a lot more actiony and less adventurey than the other titles.

Twilight Princess is a Zelda game, but with a sidekick that’s a total bitch, instead of just annoying.

A lot of people say good things about No More Heroes. It has lots of violence and gore, plus a lot of nerdy humor. The combat is pretty good, but the slow pacing between missions hurts the game as a whole.

Then there’s Super Smash Bros Brawl which, unless you’re a hardcore Nintendo fanboy, is really only for significant multiplayer. If you think you’ll frequently have lots of people over to play Wii then it’d be worth a look.

And, of course, Wiiware.

About the only title I’ve played, and thus can recommend, is Mega Man 9. It’s oldskool Mega Man, more akin to Mega Man 2 than any of the later ones.

If you’re a fan of Homestar Runner, check the Strong Bad games out.

World of Goo has gotten a lot of attention, secret hit?

Why get GH or RB for Wii? You own a 360. You have access to XBL and all the DLC thanks to it , which you don’t with the Wii?

I liked Mario Galaxy, Boom Blox and Metroid Prime 3 best. I liked MP3 a lot more than MP2. I also thought it was interesting to play an FPS with a wiimote and MP3 is very fun that way. Super Mario Galaxy is an EXCELLENT mario game. Boom Blox is a super fun game and the best use of the wiimote yet. Its about breaking down structures to achieve goals (like breaking towers for points, shooting monkeys to defend cows, solving puzzles) and it has multiplayer. It is an incredible game. You have to throw balls most of the time to hit things, physically throw them, with the wiimote feeling how hard you throw to match that on the wii. Its very interesting.

I will be trying tales of symphonia 2, but I doubt it will be better than tales of vesperia, which was the best Tales game of the series and an EXCELLENT game on its own…

There is some good stuff for download also if you want to play on the virtual console: secret of mana, super mario rpg to name a few.

Boom Blox! I think it’s one of the games I’ve played the most on that console. :smiley: <strike>And Cooking Mama.</strike>

Mario Galaxy is very fun and I heard good things about Metroid Prime 3.

I couldn’t stand TP. Spectacularly ugly and annoying characters, boring music (what music?), frustrating wolf parts, tedious dungeons, clunky controls, etc. SSBB is entertaining for a while if you have people to play with (but I hated the sub-adventure coop mode that a lot of people seemed to be in love with). Mario Kart isn’t fun to play alone (because you get violently destroyed pretty fast) and it’s not that much more fun with friends. >.>

I would highly suggest getting Guitar Hero or Rockband for the 360 not the Wii.

I thoroughly enjoyed Super Paper Mario. I know that you didn’t like the previous games, but this one plays more like a 2D platformer, so it could be worth it to at least rent it and see how you like it.

Uh, otherwise? No fucking idea. I couldn’t come up with an answer, and that’s why I never got a Wii. :stuck_out_tongue:

All that DLC isn’t available on the Wii? And I was gonna get it for the Wii because of my friends that play those games, all but one has it for the Wii.

I know, it’s why I didn’t get one at my birthday - I looked around in stores at the game selection and wasn’t impressed. Right now the only games that are on my radar are Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3 and Resident Evil 4. A few games off the downloadable thing and that… doesn’t strike me as $250 well spent. Either way, I’m grateful though - it is a pretty nifty device.

If you have friends over regularly, Brawl is a must. And you’d probably like No More Heroes.

Brawl is severely over rated. It is a slightly updated, slightly different SSBM. Its not bad by any means, but it is certainly not a fresh experience. Bear that in mind if you are considering it.

And no there is NO DLC on the Wii. Where’s the hard drive Sorc? Doesn’t work.

Really, consider Boom Blox, its great and it can’t be that expensive anymore.

I’d just like to point out that the downloadable content for GH:WT is worthless and will only clutter your game. Feel free to get it on Wii.

Im so glad I didnt pay for my Wii, otherwise I would’ve been kicking myself.

If you’re a middle aged house wife, or an old person buy all means, buy it, otherwise, get more 360 games or get a PSP, DS or PS3.

And also - not that Sinistral’s post doesn’t imply this - but if you didn’t like the previous Smash Bros, don’t expect Brawl to change your mind, even if it is the most bearable one of the three, in my opinion.

If you’re gonna get Brawl you should just get Melee instead.

On the other hand I thought TP’s dungeons were easily the best part of the game. Here’s one of the two threads we had.

I have to admit that Super Mario Galaxy was fun even though I swore off Marios somewhere in star no. 90 in Mario 64 and faced a 6-month delay in getting SMG.

Lost Winds and de Blob have gotten good reviews; haven’t played them.

Mario Galaxy is an absolute must, I lost absolutely days getting all the stars on that one (yes, ALL of them). Animal Crossing ain’t bad even if it isn’t updated much from the DS version.

Brawl is okay, but not much fun in single-player. And to buck the trend, I didn’t like MP3 as much as MPs 2 or 1. Might give it another go though.

And for the love of God, go with Rock Band/GHWT on the 360 instead of the Wii. You won’t regret it.

Hmm…I don’t have much in the way of Wii games right now. Mario Kart’s ok. Me and my sis have been playing online and that stuff, and we have fun. I’d recommend almost everything else everyone has said.

As for TP, that’s why I got it on GC. I feel like using my GC controller is more natural for that game. (Plus, I hate the whole world-reversal switch they did on the Wii.)

I’m tempted to go for SMG or perhaps No More Heroes when I get a chance. And I should be getting Brawl for Christmas (along with Persona 4!). I’ll have to look into Boom Blox, since it looks fun.

Actually there is going to be DLC for Guitar Hero on the Wii, but a lot less will be offered then on the 360 or PS3.

Rock Band is also supposed to finally have DLC when RB2 comes out on the Wii, but the full catalogue won’t be available - it’ll be re-released slowly along with the new stuff.

Bummer! And Sin, I know nothing about the Wii. I thought there was a slot for memory cards or something?

It does but its for SD cards. These aren’t hard drives and people have complained extensively about them. They’ve complained about the size of the Wiiware and all kinds of problems revolving around how that led to problems with size limitations. For similar reasons, there have been issues with DLC. At least, that’s what I’ve been able to understand about the whole thing.