Wii statistics

I’ve been wanting to see this since day 1:


Holy mother of God. Wow to that.


That’s what the people at Nintendo’ll saying as they sell another millin in the next 4ish weeks.

Wait till the wii hits europe and japan :smiley: cash sound insert here It prints money people!!!

Can anyone remember/find the first week Gamecube sales?

I would be interested in seeing

a) How many the other two consoles (PS3 and X360) sold in the same timeframe,
b) how many consoles were made for the first shipment of each and
c) whether any (non-deliberate) delays caused less units to appear at the launch date

Just to see how each company did buck-for-buck.

500,000 in North America, wasn’t it?

Bet my dinner PS3 will sell more. Hell, they only limited 10 per store here. 10! That means like 5% will get it.

Yes, so the others obviously WON’T get frustrated and buy a different console.

NEVER happen.

Sadly, I honestly doubt that it will.

They should put a Wii on the yen.