Wii & PS3 are out!

Yeah, but there won’t be any good games out within weeks anyway. 8p

I agree, and most likely I’ll end up with both because my wife loves the gamecube but I get a better, more adult experience, out of my PS2. However, I have no desire for either right now because A) expense B) lack of games (a constant in any launch) and C) there are still so many PS2 games out there I haven’t played yet that I don’t want to just let go because I ran out of time. I think I can still get quite a bit of use out of my system.

I agree with wallflower, I can still get quite a bit of use out of my PS2. The games I want for the PS3 wont be out for a while and its not like the game developers will stop making games for the PS2 just cause the 3 is out.

I’ll probably get the Wii before PS3, though I hope to be able to get both. However, I don’t plan on getting either till I have some more dough and there are better games out for it. I might wait even longer even at that point for game prices to go done. I hope the ps3 game prices don’t all start at $70-$80 when they first come out.

omg i just got my ps3 and i’m loving it but i’ve got some bad news it died on me 5 times already and it has some BIG BUGS in the system so dont get on this year

                 GET A WII

Wii for me since I’m a poor student these days. Zelda’s outta the oven right away. Not to mention Smash Bros Brawl poking it’s head in the 2007 horizon.