Wii & PS3 are out!

This weekend heralded the Coming of Two. Sephiroth vs. Cloud. Zidane vs. Kuja. Nintendo vs. Sony. I think this is probably one of the most anticipated launches not just because the Internet has made everyone so aware of the history of both systems’ development, but the fact that the two systems are so vastly different this time around. Does anyone have one of these yet? What do you think the new technology means for the future of FF?

Wont be getting a PS3 for a while, and I’m hoping for a Wii for x-mas.

I’m going to wait quite a while (probably at least a year or two) before picking up any next-gen system, but when I do it’ll probably be a PS3, just because it’ll have FF13 and MGS4 on it.

I’m also going to be waiting on the PS3. To me it seems to usually have more RPGs… although I do plan on getting a GC for a few older RPGs I haven’t played, namely Tales of Syphonia and Baiten Kaidos…

Don’t fucking bother. Just get Tales of the Abyss.

I also planned on getting that but I’ve heard good things from some of my friends about the games I previously mentioned.

I don’t agree with you on a lot of things, but I do here. I’m getting a PS3 eventually solely for FFXIII, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I got a PSX solely for FF7, and a PS2 solely for FFX. Notice a pattern? 8p

You don’t see anything wrong with spending $600 on a gaming system for one game?

…what the HELL?

The Wii and 360 don’t even have one good game, so no, I don’t.

Besides, I can’t play every decent game that comes out. As a student I just don’t have the time. I have to choose my titles.

I’m not getting anything for a very long while. I’ll probably wait about a year until one console has enough of an interesting stock and then decide. Given the current third-party distribution, PS3 seems most likely if nothing changes, but considering the ill reputation of first-batch Sony hardware it’s just another reason to wait.

Word. I’m finishing up right now and I love it.

I’m getting a PS3 because my George Foreman grill broke down.

My entire point is that by the time a year or two comes around, it won’t BE $600 any more. The PS2 started off at over $500, for those of us with bad memories.


Yep. The PS3 (60 GB version) is going for $650 Canadian at launch, and the PS2 was $550 Canadian. The 20 GB version of the PS3 is $550 Canadian at launch, which is the exact same as the PS2 (inflation hasn’t been that much in the last five years; in fact, the Canadian dollar’s gone up). Maybe the difference was bigger in the States, though.

This is why I contradict people who think the PS3 is astronomically expensive :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not that bad. I got a first gen PS2 and I’m pretty damn poor.

Maybe not in Canada, but inflation in the US has been pretty high. I looked up what you said, and yeah the PS2 was $550 for the first few weeks and then dropped to $300. I think I remember hearing about this now, it has just been so long. I think the bigger thing is that it doesn’t look quite as likely too drop in price so rapidly. Unless the launch hype dies out fast, the $500 and $600 pricet ags are likely to stay.

Launch hype for the PS2 was insane as well, and had all of the same hallmarks (low supply, enormous lines, eBay entrepreneurs). The big thing that’ll contribute to a price drop is a drop in the price of the Blu-Ray players, which, given the trend of recent media, will probably happen within a year or two. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect it to be at most $400 by the time the good games actually come out.

Yeah, but it probably won’t drop as fast as the PS2 (weeks vs years).

Whether or not I get either of these systems depends on a) if someone who buys one is willing to duel me to the death in ritual Geatic combat for it, or b) I win a shitload of money at the next tournament I go to. Given my startling tendancies towards disqualification (Muay Thai is almost universally built on “cheap shots” to tendons), the latter is sadly less likely than the former.
But if a man is willing to tie his hand to mine with two feet of rope between us and a six-inch hunting knife gripped in his hand and battle me for the right to own his PS3, then I’ll do it. I’ll defeat him and be an hero. You will all see.