Wii Help

So, I got a Wii last night, but I’m having issues with trying to figure out what else I really need to buy to use with it. I already bought a second Wiimote and Nunchuck, so we’re cool there. I’m especially lost on the whole wireless thing. Game suggestions are also appreciated.

You can connect to wifi with a wifi router or a nintendo wifi USB adapter. In a few weeks there should also be a cabled LAN adapter out. There isn’t much to get in accesories, maybe the loading dock when it comes out and a classic controller shell if you plan to play VC games.

Games have been kinda slow lately, but things I’m eyeing (everyone hates europe) include the Trauma Center remake and Elebits. Sonic is apparently pretty decent and there’s the obvious Zelda: Twilight Princess (though I didn’t really enjoy it as much as previous games, other people’s dicks are all over that game). Oh, and I guess you fuckers have Super Paper Mario already.

You fuckers.

The Godfather is pretty good for the Wii. Of course, you can’t get a Wii without getting Super Paper Mario. I think that Zelda is a game you have to get just because it is Zelda, but I haven’t enjoyed anywhere near as much as the past ones and it feels a like it is a bit of a step back from WW in that there isn’t a much to do besides the story and the environment isn’t as interactive. However, you still have to get Zelda since it is a Zelda game.

Super Smash Bros Brawl comes out in June, along with The Sadness.

You can just buy a Game Cube remote to play the virtual system games; it works almost better than the ‘classic’ controller they made.

The Wifi hook-up to your computer works perfectly, and can be used with the nintendo DS (I have it, it’s wonderful).

Other than that, 80$ for wiimote and chucks :stuck_out_tongue:


I just want to say right now, the best post in this thread was Infonicks.

As is any post before or after this one that he will ever make, so long as he has that video in his signature.

I’m fairly sure that The Sadness has actually been confirmed to be vapourware now, in the fact that the company went under or something. Which really blows :frowning:

Also the classic controller is the single sweetest controller I’ve ever held in my hands, you shut your goddamn bitch mouth.

Okay, WOAH, let’s back up a little here. Are you saying the Sadness has been cancelled? Cause that looked flippin’ awesome.

Nope, it lives. :slight_smile:

For as much as it has ever lived.