Wii games.

So, I finally got a Wii (the Target near my house had a bunch) and I’ve got some thoughts. First, I got Zelda and CoD3. Zelda is pretty cool and it strangely controls better than the GC version. I’m pleasantly surprised with it. CoD3 however sucks ass. The graphics are bad (even for a last gen game) and the controls make it hard as hell to play. Wii sports is neat, but nothing special (but it is a great pack-in game and is free so I’ve got no complaints). Anyway, I was wondering, what are your guy’s favorite Wii games? I want another game or two and was just wanting some thoughts. I’ve looked through the reviews, but the scores for the games are fairly mediocre. So are there any games that just sream “must buy” or should I just stick with the VC for a bit?

The games worth looking at now are Trauma Center, Elebits (christ I want both of them, fucking Europe), Excitetruck, Wario Ware/Super Monkey Ball/Rayman depending on your minigame interest and Wii Play. Also maybe Metal Slug Anthology.

Metal SLUG. Jeez.

What I won’t is Red Steel. It still needs a bit of work to get the concept to work, IMO.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, you must be crazy.

What exactly do you do in Trauma Center? I haven’t played the DS version, so I’m curious. Is it just operations or is there some sort of twist?

It’s pretty much just operations, yeah. Stuff like removing glass out of some guy’s arm and shooting flesh-eating viruses with laserbeams.

Also, cancer is a boss fight.

I am so not fucking kidding.

Hmm…I’ve never really liked the Wii all that much. Mainly because of its annoying games and stupid controller. Also the fact that most of the games I’ve seen for it are of the Minigame variety. That’s just my opinion though (So don’t bitch at me). I have played LoZ: Twilight Princess and I gotta say its a very impressive game. Metal Slug and CoD3 are games I wouldn’t mind trying. I heard about a few videos someplace on the web of people injuring themselves using the controller. Stuff like smashing lights and punching holes in the wall or some such things. I’m gonna go search for some.

You’ll go far here, kid.

Yes the Wii’s annoying game!!! And its stupid controller! And I heard there was a website where people injure themselves on the controller so it must be dangerous! Also electricity sometimes causes fires and they’re in the news all the time and so are airplane crashes so electricity and air travel is dangerous! Also airplanes are stupid because of the stupid seat and boarding process.

I bet xXRathXx here is doing undercover work for Sony (or he’s at least getting paid to say such put downs)

So when are you going to complain about the muddy graphics of the 360 xXRathXx?

You got me all wrong. I’m a total 360 freak and Sony is bullshit. What the hell is wrong with that Vorpy guy?! I dont think any bit of what he said is an actual sentence.

Come on guys, leave him alone. He was just expressing his opinion. He didn’t even really attack the Wii (hell he even paid it compliment with the Zelda comment).

Well, if he focused on the not-that-many games his argument would be sounder.

My Wii remote hasn’t exhibited any flying tendencies and I’ve got the old strap. I play Tennis the realistic way and I’ve never even needed the strap. “Players should […]dry their hands if they become sweaty or wet”. You don’t say.

Personally speaking, I’d like additional Wii controls in some of the virtual console’s games. Not that this is going to happen of course. There are also these Virtual Console problems and Europe gets shafted as always both in price and games. And you have to buy an adapter to connect it non wi-fi with your modem.

Wii could pay attention to its real problems.