Wierd things in RPGs...

I want you to tell me what yuo think are the wierdest things you’ve ever seen in an RPG.

One of my favorite examples would be in Might and Magic 7:

“Welcome to the Tularean Forest, where the trees take potshots at you.”

That’s right. Trees. Immobile, but quite deadly and with a very painful ranged attack.

There is a story reason behind it: Apparetly some jackasses thought it’d be funny to steal something from the Oldest Tree. And now the trees are attacking people until they get said artifact back.

But I remember my first reaction when I first entered the tularean Forest: “Uh… why the hell are the trees shooting at me?”

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Mages without SP recovery.

No, TD, that’s just stupid. I mean wierd, as in “WTF?!?!? What the hell is going on here?”

um…where you run into those inviable walls…

The wierdest thing in a game that i’ve found. is that if you go into the crater near the end of FF7, and fight 5000 of those tyranisaur monsters. one will drop a neo-phoenix materia, that allows you to resurrect Aeris. And not many people know about it.


And Zidane in FF9 without a BIG SWORD… at least in the beginning. Just knives.

Invisible man in FF1. Who is really a woman.

When the gang splits in two or more groups (as if FF6 for example), and wanders off in complete opposite directions… and they apparently use the same bag of items. How does that work?

“Oh no, Locke is dying! Quick, elixir!”
“… Dammit, seems somebody in Edgar’s gang used our last one just now.”

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No, TD, that’s just stupid.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> It is, isn’t it?

Hey, I know I pushed up my SP Recovery.

In Nethack, when your character starts hallucinating. You’ll start getting messages like “Barney the dinosaur hits” and “Your sacrifice sprouts a propellor and flies away”.

LMAO… Yeah, that’s a classic. X-D

Another good one is when monsters drop money. I mean, where did they hide all those money? =P

Post-mortem cavity searches?

Being attacked by possessed coffee cups and street signs in EarthBound. Not to mention the scene where Ness is completely naked except for his baseball cap.

In Baldur’s Gate 2, when you shapeshift to animal form you cannot initiate dialog, but you can talk to someone if other person starts it. So there walks a bear among the people in the city and the guards won’t do anything, and then a thief comes and talks to the bear… And the bear answers!

The incubi in NetHack. And the hallucinations.

Hmm…eats Yellow Mold corpse


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Being attacked by possessed coffee cups and street signs in EarthBound. Not to mention the scene where Ness is completely naked except for his baseball cap. O_o

Damn you I wanted to be the first to mention Earthbound >_< I haven’t played a good share of…weird RPG’s so Earthbound would be my wonderful mention…I mean, how often can you talk to a guy in a hospital numerous times and get 50 dollars?

And Moonside…I HATED that place…stupid ed…is…noo…oM…

Yes, in terms of wierd, Earthbound wins, hands-down.

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Excel Saga. All of it. Not an RPG, but it parodies them, so nyah.

Cloud dressing up as a woman. Come on, you have a sword, use it!

Thousand Swords for PC/Dreamcast. The translation males it so. Zahn and [I forget] is leading troops it will not be expected! Zhans eyes glared.

:ulty: All your base are belong to us.

You will die in a very painfull way.